Xylem Digital Technology Implemented Across Tacoma Public Utilities’ Water and Electric Networks

Expanding on their successful AMI implementation in water management, Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) now extends the deployment of Xylem’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to their power department. Leveraging Xylem’s technology, including Sensus Stratus IQ™ electric meters and the FlexNet® communication network, TPU aims to enhance operational efficiency, customer service, and support economic growth in the region. The upgraded network facilitates 6.5 million registered reads daily, enabling frequent billing and quicker response times for customers.

Sally Mohr, TPU’s AMI program delivery director, highlights the benefits of remote meter management, ensuring accurate billing and efficient service, especially during severe weather events. The enhanced infrastructure proved invaluable during storm recovery efforts, swiftly restoring power after a recent violent storm.

Additionally, TPU implements bellwether ally® water meters and smart gateways with pressure sensors for near real-time pressure management. This proactive approach enabled quick detection and resolution of issues, such as a lodged rock in a valve, preventing potential customer impacts.

Dan Martin, TPU’s senior data analyst, emphasizes the proactive nature of pressure management, attributing it to preemptively addressing customer issues. Mohr acknowledges Xylem’s responsiveness and the transparency provided by direct access to data, empowering customers to manage their water and electricity usage effectively.

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