onsemi Reveals Data Center Energy Efficiency Solution

As AI workloads surge in data centers, energy efficiency becomes critical. onsemi introduces a game-changing solution, merging its T10 PowerTrench® family with EliteSiC 650V MOSFETs. This blend promises unmatched efficiency and compactness for data center setups.

Why It’s Important: AI operations demand over 10 times the power of regular search engine requests, estimated to drive global data center energy needs to 1,000 TWh within two years. With each AI request requiring four energy conversions, up to 12% energy loss occurs. Implementing onsemi’s solution could potentially slash this loss by 1%, translating to a 10 TWh annual energy saving, equivalent to powering almost one million homes annually.

How It Functions: EliteSiC 650V MOSFETs boast superior switching prowess and reduced capacitances, ideal for data centers and energy storage. These next-gen silicon carbide MOSFETs halve gate charge and trim both Eoss and Qoss by 44% compared to predecessors. They minimize switching losses and enable downsizing system components, leading to cost savings.

Meanwhile, the T10 PowerTrench Family tackles high currents crucial for DC-DC power conversion with enhanced power density and thermal performance. Its shield gate trench design ensures ultra-low gate charge and RDS (on) below 1 milliohm. Moreover, its soft recovery body diode minimizes electrical noise, ensuring robust performance under stress. Meeting automotive standards, it’s engineered for reliability.

This combined solution meets the rigorous Open Rack V3 base specification, essential for supporting high-power processors in next-gen data centers.

Simon Keeton, onsemi’s group president of Power Solutions, emphasizes the pivotal role of power semiconductor innovation in meeting escalating energy demands driven by AI and electrification. He underscores the solution’s potential to significantly cut power losses and meet the evolving needs of future data centers responsibly.

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