Brenmiller, Rock Energy Storage Ink Northeast U.S. Distribution Deal

Brenmiller Energy Ltd. (Nasdaq: BNRG), a global leader in thermal energy storage solutions, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Rock Energy Storage, LLC (RES) to market and distribute its bGen™ TES systems across Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New York. The 5-year agreement is expected to generate sales surpassing $150 million.

Rock Energy Storage, headquartered in New York, is dedicated to capitalizing on the significant TES storage opportunity in the United States by distributing, installing, and servicing Brenmiller’s bGen™ TES solutions throughout the Northeast, with RSP Systems serving as its lead subcontractor.

Avi Brenmiller, Chairman and CEO of Brenmiller Energy, highlighted the strategic importance of the Northeast market due to its progressive stance on electrification and decarbonization. The collaboration with RES builds upon the successful partnership established with RSP Systems since 2019.

Rock Energy Storage’s President and CEO, Cory Glick, emphasized the positive reception of Brenmiller’s TES system across various sectors committed to decarbonization. The technology qualifies for federal incentives and is supported by state and utility programs, facilitating its adoption.

With numerous active project proposals in the pipeline, Brenmiller and RES aim to deploy over 1,200 MWh of TES capacity by May 1, 2024.

Brenmiller’s bGen™ TES technology addresses the need to replace fossil fuel boilers, a significant contributor to global emissions. It stores low-cost electricity from renewable sources using crushed rocks and provides customizable heat solutions while ensuring operational reliability for heavy-emitting industries.

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