TotalEnergies’ Newest Pangea Supercomputer Advances the Energy Transition

TotalEnergies has launched the latest generation of its Pangea 4 supercomputer at the Jean Féger Scientific and Technical Center in Pau, southwest France. Originally developed to support TotalEnergies’ exploration and production activities, the new Pangea 4 is now available for use across the company, aiding its energy transition efforts.

Supporting TotalEnergies’ Energy Transition with Scientific Supercomputing

Pangea 4 caters to the needs of TotalEnergies’ new activities by enabling:

  • Windflow simulations for the design and siting of wind farms
  • Simulations of reservoir storage capacity for CCS (carbon capture and storage) projects
  • Methane emissions reduction calculations

Where Supercomputing Meets Energy Efficiency

Pangea 4 features a hybrid solution with both onsite and cloud computing components, offering 24/7 computing speeds twice that of its predecessor. It is more compact and energy-efficient, using nearly 90% less electricity and significantly reducing the datacenters’ carbon footprint while maintaining peak performance for digital simulations.

“The latest incarnation of Pangea demonstrates the Company’s pioneering spirit and strengthens our lead in industrial digital simulation. By combining supercomputing capacity with cloud computing, we can meet the growing and increasingly diverse needs of our activities, especially in new energies, and support our business growth through our energy transition strategy,” said Namita Shah, President, OneTech at TotalEnergies.

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