Jiangxi Shenhua Jiujiang Wins National Innovation Award

Jiangxi Shenhua Jiujiang Company won the First Prize in the National Electric Power Industry Engineering Construction and Management Innovation Achievement Award for its clean coal-fired power smart projects using 5G and AI infrastructure.

The project, guided by principles of “multi-source integration, intelligent perception, coordinated linkage, and smart control,” used the independently developed IMS platform by CHN Energy. Incorporating advanced technologies like 5G+, IoT, and AI, it created a smart construction site management system. This system features an AR real-scene map for engineering construction, allowing comprehensive video surveillance and monitoring of all roads, checkpoints, and areas. This visualized safety and quality management system enhances on-site management efficiency and timeliness. It also provides visualized risk pre-control for high-risk operations involving large machinery, deep excavation pits, and high formwork. The project uses a real-name system and facial recognition for contractor personnel management, covering the entire process from qualification review, safety education, and training examinations, to plant entry and exit.

A mobile app, developed with VPN network interconnection, enables users to capture safety and quality issues instantly, facilitating weekly inspections and ensuring closed-loop management of all problems. The system offers real-time construction progress monitoring and data analysis to optimize resource allocation and scheduling. Additionally, on-site environmental monitoring equipment collects real-time data on temperature, humidity, and wind speed, providing essential references for construction activities.

This project enables comprehensive management of safety, quality, and progress throughout the construction process, effectively controlling various elements and risks, and enhancing the project’s intrinsic safety and intelligence transformation.

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