LG Energy Solution to Supply LFP Batteries for Renault Group’s Ampere EVs

LG Energy Solution (KRX: 373220) announced today its agreement to supply LFP pouch-type EV batteries to Ampere, Renault Group’s dedicated EV brand.

The supply agreement was signed at Renault’s Paris headquarters on July 1, attended by key executives including Wonjoon Suh, Executive Vice President of LG Energy Solution’s Advanced Automotive Battery Division, and Seungdon Choi, Executive Vice President heading the Advanced Automotive Battery Development Center. Also present were François Provost, Chief Procurement, Partnerships, and Public Affairs Officer at Renault Group, Gilles Le Borgne, Chief Technology Officer at Renault Group, Josep Maria Recasens, Chief Strategy Officer at Renault Group and COO at Ampere, and Philippe Brunet, SVP of Powertrain and EV Engineering at Ampere.

Under the five-year contract starting late 2025 through 2030, LG Energy Solution will supply approximately 39GWh of LFP batteries, enough for around 590,000 battery electric vehicles. The batteries will be manufactured at LG Energy Solution’s facility in Poland, powering Ampere’s next-generation EV models.

“We are committed to delivering exceptional customer value to Ampere through our advanced technology and quality competitiveness,” stated Wonjoon Suh.

François Provost of Renault Group highlighted their collaborative effort with LG Energy Solution in establishing an integrated value chain in Europe, emphasizing technological and competitive strengths developed through long-term partnerships.

This marks LG Energy Solution’s first major supply deal for LFP EV batteries in a market traditionally dominated by non-Korean manufacturers, particularly significant in Europe, one of the world’s largest EV markets. LFP batteries, utilizing iron and phosphate, offer cost competitiveness and safety with a stable chemical structure.

LG Energy Solution further enhances cost competitiveness and safety through its CTP (Cell To Pack) solution-applied pouch-type batteries, a pioneering technology in the EV battery market. This innovation increases energy density per weight by about five percent compared to conventional batteries, enhancing efficiency for EVs.

David Kim, CEO of LG Energy Solution, emphasized the company’s commitment to expanding their automotive LFP battery supply, starting with Europe, and continuing to provide superior customer value through operational excellence and a diverse product portfolio.

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