Baoshen Railway Shenshuo Company Sets New Record in Daily Operation of 10,000-tonne Trains

On June 18, Baoshen Railway Shenshuo Company’s Shenchi Nankou and Shuozhou Xikou stations marshalled a total of 214 heavy-haul trains, including 105 10,000-tonne trains, setting a new record for the daily operation number of 10,000-tonne trains.

Since the start of this June, the company has made every effort to ensure energy supply and flood prevention in the summer peak season by improving emergency plans at all levels and refining and implementing various measures. Through organizing “double-blind” emergency flood response drills, it spares no effort to ensure safety in the flood season. Moreover, it has strengthened integrated operation, strictly enforced scheduling rules, and made efficient use of the 10,000-tonne train marshalling capacity at Zhugaita, Yanjiata, Shenmu North, and Fugu stations. Through rationally organizing the 10,000-tonne train marshalling, it improves the overall efficiency. The company has also made efforts to improve its ability to respond to emergencies, ensure on-time train arrivals and departures, and actively communicate with relevant subsidiaries of China Energy to accomplish the train handling task at Shuozhou Xikou and Shenchi Nankou stations. In addition, through careful organization, accurate vehicle matching, and rational locomotive allocation, it makes full use of the existing Guoneng 24-axle high-power locomotives and other types of locomotives to operate at full load, providing sufficient locomotives to ensure energy supply in the summer peak season.

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