Seismos Partners with Edison Partners to Advance AI-Driven Innovation in the Energy Industry

Seismos and Edison Partners Join Forces to Propel AI-Driven Innovation in Energy

Panos Adamopoulos, founder and CEO of Seismos, expressed, “The new era of energy integrates all forms of generation with advanced technology.” He added, “Oil and gas markets are shifting towards autonomous, intelligent, AI-driven operations. Partnering with Edison empowers us to grow exponentially as this transformation unfolds.”

Traditional tools and practices in oil and gas production face limitations in generating timely, relevant data, impacting cost efficiency, production rates, and safety standards. Seismos is pioneering the digital oil and gas field with its AI-powered Acoustic Sensing technology, delivering real-time insights and predictive monitoring. This innovation promises up to 10 times improvements in production and cost savings through continuous quality control.

Seismos has experienced remarkable growth, with revenue increasing by 800% from Q1 to Q4 of 2023, alongside doubling its customer base. Expansion plans include the Middle East, South America, and Asia, supported by over 45 patents that solidify its leadership and innovation in the sector.

Ryan Ziegler, general partner at Edison Partners, noted, “Seismos is driving the evolution of the digital oil field with its unique technology platform and scalable solutions.” He emphasized Edison’s commitment to investing in companies that digitize critical infrastructure, addressing significant challenges in the energy industry.

According to McKinsey, while renewable energy sources like solar and wind are growing, global energy demands until at least 2050 will continue to rely on a mix including oil and natural gas. Seismos’s applications are crucial for both traditional energy producers and the global energy transition industry.

Edison’s investment in Seismos complements its portfolio in digital infrastructure, which includes companies like 120Water, Budderfly, Overhaul, and RTS. With a track record of over 260 investments, Edison Partners has a strong presence in enterprise solutions.

About Seismos:
Seismos leads globally in AI-powered Acoustic Sensing, offering rapid, continuous insights for enclosed structures from drill-holes to pipelines. Their technology supports various applications including oil and gas wellbores, subsurface pipelines, geothermal, and carbon capture utilization and storage. With cloud-based AI analytics, Seismos enables real-time subsurface data for significant production enhancements and cost savings in pipeline operations. Seismos serves customers across the US, Canada, Chile, China, and the Middle East, with expansion plans in Asia and Latin America. For more information, visit Seismos and learn about its technology.

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