Xinshuo Railway’s Differential BeiDou High-precision Positioning System Launched

Recently, the Datong-Junggar and Junggar-Shenchi lines of Xinshuo Railway have completed the construction of 47 benchmark stations and debugging of the differential BeiDou high-precision positioning system. So far, the system has been able to provide high-precision positioning and BeiDou navigation application services for key elements such as locomotives, personnel, and equipment along the lines.

The system started construction on April 1, 2023, and the main goal of the project was to establish 47 differential positioning benchmark stations at the stations along the Datong-Junggar and Junggar-Shenchi lines. The completed benchmark stations can be connected to the existing differential BeiDou high-precision positioning platform. By using the BeiDou navigation network, short message and timing technology, it realizes the functions of precise train positioning, emergency communication and clock synchronization of the train control system. It can also provide high-precision, enhanced real-time positioning services for mobile devices such as handsets and vehicle built-in terminals, meeting the modern railways’ requirements for high-efficiency monitoring and automatic, continuous, reliable and high-precision train positioning.

The application of the differential BeiDou high-precision positioning system will provide high-precision positioning technical support for all lines operated by Xinshuo Railway and give full play to its positioning function in railway operation to improve transportation and production efficiency and empower the construction of smart railways.

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