Moen Partners with Homeowners Insurer to Manage Cost Increases

Moen, a leader in enhancing water experiences at home, has announced a strategic collaboration with a prominent insurance provider aimed at promoting adoption of Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff devices. This initiative includes exclusive savings and installation programs tailored for the insurer’s clientele. By leveraging these advanced technologies, Moen and its partner seek to significantly mitigate the occurrence of insurance claims arising from severe water damage due to household leaks.

The Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff system represents a cutting-edge solution in proactive leak detection, utilizing digital monitoring to achieve remarkable results. Studies indicate that these devices can reduce incidents of water damage claims by up to 96%,1 while also curbing household water wastage from preventable leaks by as much as 90%.2 Such advancements are crucial in helping insurance providers manage risk more effectively and control associated costs. Moreover, homeowners benefit by avoiding the financial burdens and disruptions caused by preventable water damage incidents.

Jeff Barnes, Moen’s Vice President of Business Development, emphasized the broader impact of water damage on homeowners and the insurance industry, estimating annual payouts exceeding $15 billion due to water-related claims, a significant portion of which stem from leaks.4 By promoting the adoption of Flo smart leak detection technology, Moen aims to assist insurers in reducing such claims and alleviating related costs. This collaborative effort also supports conservation efforts, potentially saving up to one trillion gallons of water wasted annually across the United States due to leaks.5

Under this initiative, Moen will collaborate closely with Farmers Insurance® to offer Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff devices to policyholders. These devices continuously monitor water pressure and flow rates throughout a home’s plumbing system, capable of detecting even minute leaks with Microleak™ Technology. Upon detection of an issue, the system alerts users via the Moen Smart Water App, enabling prompt action to shut off the water manually or automatically in the case of a catastrophic leak. Homeowners can also track water usage by fixture and set conservation goals through the app, further supporting efforts to conserve water.

This partnership underscores Moen’s commitment to innovation in water management and its dedication to enhancing home safety and sustainability. By deploying smart technologies like the Flo system, Moen and its insurance partners aim to create more resilient homes, reduce environmental impact, and deliver tangible benefits to homeowners and insurers alike.

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