H2SITE Develops High-Efficiency Ammonia Cracker for Ammogen Project in UK

H2SITE has developed an ultra-efficient ammonia cracker utilizing membrane reactor technology to generate fuel cell-grade hydrogen for the Ammogen Project at Tyseley Energy Park (TEP). This groundbreaking initiative aims to use ammonia for hydrogen storage and direct conversion, reflecting a global trend towards ammonia as a hydrogen carrier.

The system engineered by H2SITE will produce 200 kg of green hydrogen daily, tailored for mobility applications in Birmingham. Their technology integrates H2-selective membranes within a catalytic bed to crack ammonia into hydrogen, enabling in-situ separation without additional units. This approach achieves over 98% hydrogen recovery at mild temperatures, consistently meeting stringent fuel-cell purity standards.

“This project marks a pivotal moment for us, validating our membrane reactor technology for ammonia cracking. Our next goal is scaling up to handle tons per day within two years, targeting applications like import hubs and maritime sectors,” said Jose Medrano, Technical Director at H2SITE.

In collaboration with Tyseley Energy Park (TEP), Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), Gemserv (Talan), EQUANS, Yara International, and the University of Birmingham, the Ammogen project seeks to advance global hydrogen trade.

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