Clean Energy Expands Boron LNG Plant for Increased Demand from Pasha Hawaii

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE), the leading provider of clean fuel for transportation, announced the completion of a third production train at its Boron, California LNG plant, increasing its capacity by 50%. The Boron plant, now able to produce up to 270,000 gallons of LNG daily, is the largest of its kind in the Southwest U.S. This expansion meets the growing demand for cleaner fuel from city buses to large container ships.

Pasha Hawaii, a key customer, operates three LNG-powered container ships from the Ports of Long Beach, Oakland, and Honolulu. Fuel consumption for these ships—MV George II, MV George III, and MV Janet Marie—has surged from 526,486 gallons in August 2022 to 2,115,726 gallons in April 2024.

Fueling with LNG significantly improves air quality around ports and surpasses International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2030 standards for zero sulfur emissions. Pasha’s LNG ships also achieve a 90% reduction in nitrogen oxide and a 25% reduction in carbon dioxide compared to traditional fuels.

“Pasha Hawaii’s leadership in sustainable shipping is evident with their third LNG-powered ship,” said Greg Roche, vice president at Clean Energy. “Expanding our Boron facility will enable more customers to decarbonize their operations.”

“We are dedicated to using innovative resources for the cleanest operations in our communities,” said George Pasha, IV, President and CEO of The Pasha Group. “Our partnership with Clean Energy ensures efficient bunkering and fueling of our advanced, environmentally friendly LNG-powered ships serving Hawaii and California.”

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