China’s First Homemade 300t Mining Truck Launched at Zhungeer Energy Group

On July 12, China’s first entirely homemade 300-tonne mining truck was launched at Zhungeer Energy Group.

The 300-tonne mining dump truck is the first homemade heavy truck with completely independent intellectual property rights jointly developed by Zhungeer Energy Group and Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co., Ltd after nearly three years of research. It measures 15.9 meters in length, 10.3 meters in width, and eight meters in height, adopts a high-speed mining diesel engine developed by a domestic company, and is equipped with an intelligent engine monitoring system, marking that China has grasped core technologies such as high-power diesel engine and electric drive system for mining haulers. Meanwhile, the company has completed the research on key materials, theory, structure, manufacturing, testing, and information service related to mining vehicles, forming a standard system of its own.

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