China Energy Railway Equipment Awarded First Prize of Science and Technology Awards by CCTA

Recently, the 2022 Science and Technology Awards of China Communication and Transportation Association (CCTA) and the promotion meeting for China’s achievements in new transport technologies were held at Beijing Guoce International Convention and Exhibition Center. The 25t axle aluminum alloy coal funnel car research project led by China Energy Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. won the first prize of the Science and Technology Awards of CCTA.

Based on the actual situation of existing heavy-haul railway capacity, vehicle operation and maintenance, loading and unloading facilities, the research project focused on the whole process of freight train application and the whole life cycle of train parts, made breakthroughs in the research of eight key and core technologies such as on-board intelligent monitoring, dust-proof and eco-friendly movable top cover, and lightweight aluminum alloy train body, and developed a new type of 25t axle aluminum alloy coal funnel truck that integrates innovative and new technologies and meets the new requirements of intelligent operation and maintenance of heavy-haul freight trains, providing equipment and technical support for the high-quality development of railway freight transport in China.

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