Canutal: Pioneering Colombia’s First Comprehensive Energy Community

The district of Canutal, situated in Ovejas municipality, Sucre, within the Montes de María region, has transformed from a history of violence to become Colombia’s inaugural Comprehensive Energy Community. This milestone, declared by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, marks a significant stride towards energy sustainability.

Over the past eight years, Hocol, a member of the Ecopetrol group, has collaborated closely with the Canutal community. Their efforts culminated in 2019 with the introduction of photovoltaic energy and social gas initiatives, effectively reducing social disparities and poverty rates. Today, these initiatives support crucial needs such as water supply, education, and healthcare.

Canutal currently generates 297 KW/hour through photovoltaic energy, meeting a substantial portion of the district’s energy demands. This renewable source powers the local health center, ensures continuous operation of the water treatment plant, and maintains cost-effective air conditioning in the educational institution.

In addition to energy projects, Canutal fosters local economic growth with agricultural and aquaculture ventures. These initiatives, championed by entrepreneurial women, enhance food security and environmental sustainability. Hocol, deeply committed to this community, supports these efforts through projects like Works for Taxes, aimed at bolstering road infrastructure and furthering regional development.

Luis Enrique Rojas Cuellar, President of Hocol, emphasizes the company’s enduring partnership with Canutal, underscoring their joint journey towards sustainability and prosperity. Ricardo Roa Barragán, President of the Ecopetrol Group, applauds Canutal’s designation as Colombia’s premier Comprehensive Energy Community, heralding it as a pivotal step in the nation’s energy transition and decarbonization goals for 2040.

This achievement highlights a collaborative commitment from the public and private sectors to advance sustainable energy models. Canutal stands as a beacon of success in the implementation of Energy Communities, pivotal in Colombia’s equitable energy transition strategy.

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