Budderfly Expands Energy Solutions with Water Conservation for SMEs

Budderfly, a leading Energy as a Service (EaaS) provider for commercial businesses, has announced the addition of water conservation technologies to its energy savings portfolio through a strategic acquisition. This new offering is expected to help customers reduce on-site water usage by 20-30%.

The suite of water conservation technologies includes low-flow fixtures, intelligent leak detection systems, and innovative valves designed to reduce air volume in municipal water lines and minimize meter vibrations. These technologies aim to lower water and sewer costs for customers and integrate seamlessly with Budderfly’s existing energy efficiency solutions, reinforcing its position as a comprehensive provider of sustainable equipment upgrades and lifetime management.

Budderfly is deploying these water conservation technologies at over 200 customer sites nationwide, with further expansions planned throughout the year.

“Our expansion into water management reflects our commitment to sustainability and helps building owners and operators conserve both water and energy, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced emissions,” said Al Subbloie, founder and CEO of Budderfly.

Budderfly operates in industries with high consumption and waste, such as casual dining, quick-service restaurants (QSRs), hospitality, fitness and health facilities, community centers, and education facilities. These industries often face overpayments of up to 30% for water and sewer due to inaccurate meter readings.

“As a franchise owner, I seek efficiency in my restaurants,” said Spencer Hart, Sonic Franchise owner. “Budderfly’s expertise in energy and water management delivers the savings and sustainability we need.”

Budderfly’s EaaS offering is a comprehensive solution providing energy savings technology, including HVAC systems, LED lighting, refrigeration, smart panels, sensors, controls, and solar, at zero upfront cost. The service also includes detailed energy data analysis and optimization to ensure long-term cost savings.

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