Anaergia Announces Interim Arbitral Award

AnaergiaInc.( “ Anaergia ” or the “ Company ”)( TSX ANRG) is pleased to advertise that its attachment, AnaergiaB.V.( “ ABV ”), has entered an interim award from the Dutch Arbitration Board( “ Tribunal ”) for the Construction Industry in the Netherlands against Blue Sphere BrabantB.V.( “ BSB ”) relating to its preliminarily bared disagreement concerning the turnkey agreement for engineering, procurement, and construction of a biogas installation for the biogas factory( the “ design ”) in Sterksel, Netherlands( the “ Arbitration ”).

The Tribunal issued interim awards that are enforceable anyhow of any interim appeal of roughly€3.5 million plus statutory interest in favour of ABV and€ 98,000 plus statutory interest in favour of BSB, performing in a net award of roughly€3.4 million in favour of ABV, acclimated for statutory interest. ABV intends to pursue the collection of its interim award and is exploring its options to do so. still, at this time, the Company can not give an estimate as to when ABV will collect similar interim award.

also, the Tribunal stayed other claims of ABV and BSB pending submission by each party of proffers for procedural way due in March 2024. The aggregate quantum of the stayed ABV and BSB claims, as determined by the Tribunal, are roughly€16.7 million and€17.0 million, independently. ABV believes explosively in the graces of its position and seeks a final determination of the pending claims in the Arbitration.

The Tribunal also expressly rejected a number of BSB causes.

Pursuant to a coordinated handover agreement between ABV and BSB that handed for control and guardianship of the design by BSB starting in September 2022, BSB delivered to ABV a bank guarantee and a parent guarantee, totaling roughly€3.3 million to secure payment of scores performing from a final determination of the pending claims in the Arbitration.

About Anaergia

Anaergia was created to exclude a major source of hothouse feasts( “ GHGs ”) by cost effectively turning organic waste into renewable natural gas( “ RNG ”), toxin and water through the use of personal technologies. With a track record of delivering innovative systems, Anaergia is uniquely deposited to give results to moment’s most burning resource recovery challenges using a broad portfolio of proven technologies and multiple design delivery styles. Anaergia is one of the world’s only companies with a personal portfolio of end- to- end results that integrate solid waste processing as well as wastewater treatment with organics recovery, high effectiveness anaerobic digestion, RNG product and recovery of toxin and water from organic residuals. The combination of these technologies enhances carbon-negative biogas, clean water and natural toxin product, utilizes a minimized footmark and lowers waste and wastewater treatment costs and GHG emigrations.

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Forward- Looking Statements

This news release contains forward- looking information within the meaning of applicable securities legislation, which reflects Anaergia’s current prospects regarding unborn events, including but not limited to, statements with respect to the collection by ABV of its interim award; and the final determination of the stayed claims. Forward- looking information is grounded on a number of hypotheticals, including, but not limited to, the anticipation that the Company will be suitable to collect its interim award and the Company’s belief in the graces of ABV’s position in respect of the stayed claims. The Company is subject to a number of pitfalls and misgivings, numerous of which are beyond the Company’s control. similar pitfalls and misgivings include, but aren’t limited to, the threat that ABV may be unprofitable in collecting its interim award or may be unprofitable in respect of the stayed claims, the threat that the interim award is successfully appealed, and the factors bandied under “ threat Factors ” in the Company’s periodic information form for the financial time ended December 31, 2022 and under “ pitfalls and misgivings ” in the Company’s most recent operation’s discussion and analysis. factual results could differ materially from those projected herein. Anaergia doesn’t take over any obligation to modernize similar forward- looking information, whether as a result of new information, unborn events or else, except as expressly needed under applicable securities laws. fresh information on these and other factors that could affect Anaergia’s operations or fiscal results are included in Anaergia’s reports on train with Canadian nonsupervisory authorities.

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