Xinshuo Railway Completes Dynamic Test for 20,000- tonne Heavy- haul Combined Trains

Heavy- haul freight trainNo. 55802 composed of 216 carts departed from Wochang Station of the Zhunchi Line of the Xinshuo Railway, and arrived safely at Shenchi South Station after running for one hour and 38 twinkles, marking the success of the dynamic test for 20,000- tonne heavy- haul combined trains of Xinshuo Railway.

The dynamic operation test of the 20,000- tonne heavy- haul train of Xinshuo Railway espoused the” 1 1″ combination of two 10,000- tonne trains, and the marshaling form is Locomotive Shen 12 comprised of 108 C80 carts Locomotive Shen 8 108 C80 carts a controllable train tail, with a total traction weight of 21,600 tonnes, a cargo of 17,280 tonnes, and a total length of 2,701.6 measures. The dynamic test involved on- spot testing particulars similar as train longitudinal dynamic performance, train retardation performance and air boscage standing, freight train dynamic performance, and communication system test. The company completed the static test of 20,000- tonne train transportation mode on November 20, and the success of both stationary test and dynamic test laid a solid foundation for the posterior smooth operation of 20,000- tonne trains.

The 20,000- tonne train transport capacity expansion and addition design of Wochang Station, a crucial design of China Energy, was completed on May 18. The success of the test marked a solid step for Xinshuo Railway to operate 20,000- tonne heavy- haul combined trains, and will palliate the transportation pressure on Shenchi South Station’s operating capacity, ameliorate the development effectiveness of locomotives and carts, and help ameliorate the integrated transportation effectiveness of China Energy in the days to come. also, it’ll play a significant part in erecting the Dazhun- Zhunchi- Shuohuang high- capacity coal transportation corridor and perfecting the indigenous integrated transportation system.

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