Xendee Releases 2024 Commercial EV Charging Survey Insights

Xendee Corporation, renowned for its cutting-edge platform in distributed energy systems and Electric Vehicle (EV) fast-charging infrastructure, has released the findings from its 2024 Commercial EV Charging Market Survey, the second installment in its annual research series. This survey, targeting leaders engaged in the development, operation, and commercial utilization of EV charging infrastructure, aims to uncover challenges and potential solutions within the sector.

Key themes emerged from the 2024 survey, highlighting significant barriers to the expansion of commercial EV charging infrastructure. A striking 75% of respondents cited electric utility grid limitations as a major obstacle, while 63% identified the overall cost of charging infrastructure as another significant challenge.

The survey findings also shed light on solutions to these challenges. For the second consecutive year, respondents emphasized that Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and microgrids integrated with EV charging facilities were pivotal technologies capable of catalyzing the shift toward commercial EV adoption while alleviating strain on overloaded electric grids.

Moreover, over 80% of participants indicated that their organizations plan to initiate at least one EV charging infrastructure project within the next five years, leveraging incentives like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). These incentives play a crucial role in overcoming cost barriers associated with infrastructure development and operationalization.

The insights gleaned from this market survey will inform the ongoing enhancement of Xendee’s SaaS platform. This platform will continue to provide research-driven solutions that enhance the feasibility, design, and operational efficiency of EV charging infrastructure projects. By offering users and their stakeholders accelerated decision-making capabilities and greater confidence in both technical and financial outcomes, Xendee aims to facilitate the realization of more ambitious EV infrastructure projects.

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