We present the most Climate Climate Action Plan for COP27

We present the most ambitious Climate Action Plan for COP27

The company has set itself the thing of achieving emigrations impartiality in its generation shops and own consumption by 2030 and reaching zero net emigrations in all its conditioning by 2040.
In line with its commitment to biodiversity protection, Iberdrola will also achieve a net positive impact on species and ecosystems by 2030.
Both targets are completely in line with the protrusions presented by the company last week in London.
The United Nations, the European Investment Bank and the We Mean Business coalition, which includes leading environmental NGOs and business associations similar as CDP, WBSCD and Commercial Leaders Group, have expressed their satisfaction with Iberdrola’s plans.
Iberdrola has presented its Climate Action Plan at COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh( Egypt), the most ambitious presented by a company at the Summit, which brings forward the thing of carbon impartiality of generation shops, its electricity distribution exertion and its own consumption( reaches 1 and 2) to 2030, and the total decarbonisation of its conditioning by 2040. This makes the company the energy company with the most ambitious targets in this area. Iberdrola has also presented its Biodiversity Plan, which aims to achieve a net positive impact on species and ecosystems by 2030. The Plan addresses the impacts of the group’s conditioning on nature throughout the life cycle of its installations, considering the force chain and creating environmental, profitable and social value through ecosystemservices.Iberdrola’s superintendent president, Ignacio Galán, spoke online about the current situation.” The current extremity has farther reaffirmed the need to accelerate electrification with renewables and electricity grids to achieve full decarboniaation and also energy tone- adequacy. After 20 times of experience, the Climate Action Plan is a new boost to Iberdrola’s commitment to zero net emigrations as a means of conserving the terrain and generating employment and artificial development. The coming decade will be pivotal if we’re to meet climate targets and cover biodiversity, and we must each work together toay to achieve them. Iberdrola’s roadmap was detailed in the frame of the round table” Renewed ambition in the face of the current multiple extremity”, in which also shared, among other institutions, the European Investment Bank, represented by its Director of Mandate Management, Christoph Kunh; the International Energy Agency, through its Chief Economist, Tim Gould; Gonzalo Muñoz, Climate Champion of the United Nations; Patricia Zurita, CEO of Birdlife International and Ovais Sarmad, Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change( UNFCCC). During the meeting, moderated by the CEO of We Mean Business, María Mendiluce, the plan presented by Iberdrola was appreciatively assessed, also from the conservation sector, as it constitutes an advanced action in the fight against climatechange.At the round table it was made clear that, in the current”multi-crisis” environment( climate, energy, affectation, biodiversity.), Iberdrola’s new plans should serve as an illustration to continue advancing in the fight against global warming, responding to the calls from the scientific, environmental and socialworld.The plans presented in Egypt consolidate Iberdrola as a business leader in the fight against climate change and for the protection of biodiversity, with ambitious targets grounded on wisdom and completely backed by its investment plan. The company blazoned last week in London a record plan of€ 47 billion until 2025, with further than€ 27 billion allocated for networks, and investments of€ 17 billion in renewable powers, to reach network means of€ 56 billion and a renewable capacity of,000 MW by the end of the period.

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