We present the Iberdrola Supera awards for the creation of equivalency

We present the Iberdrola Supera awards for the creation of equivalency

The Iberdrola Supera 2022 Awards moment awarded€,000 in six orders to promote equivalency through sport.
The company therefore underlines its commitment to women’s sport in all areas.

The Administrative president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, was this autumn in charge of presenting the Iberdrola Supera Awards, recognising the creation of equivalency through sport with a aggregate of€,000, which will be used to make the winning systems in each of the six orders areality.Since 2016, Iberdrola has been the main protagonist of women’s sport in Spain. It supports 32 National coalitions, promoting further than,000 allied women, 2 out of every 3 allied women, and has further than 100 competitions with the Iberdrola naming right, including 32leagues.In relation to the awards, Galán stressed that with these” the company materialises its integral commitment to equivalency, accompanying girls and women to fulfil their dreams through sport. Just as a structure needs the stylish possible foundations, our unborn nimrods and women also earn the stylish possible support. Events like moment’s are the path to unborn success and give visibility to enterprise ranging from grassroots sport to top- position competition, including the further social aspects of sport, similar as addition and internal health care for nimrods”. The Jury of Honour, made up of Susanna Griso, Sonsoles Ónega, Eli Pinedo, Ona Carbonell, Amanda Sampedro, Carolina Marín, Javier Fernández, Jesús Carballo, Manu Carreño, Marta Arce, Paloma del Río, Sandra Sánchez, Silvia Navarro, Teresa Perales and Vicente del Bosque, has been deliberating for days to reach itsdecision.The winners were informed of the verdict at an event hosted by intelligencer sunup González and entertained by the prestidigitator Jorge Luengo and songster Luz Casal, which was attended by the chairman of the Consejo Superior de Deportes, José Manuel Franco; the clerk general of the Spanish Olympic Committee, María Victoria Cabezas, the chairman of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Miguel Carballeda; representatives of the 32 National Sports Federations patronized by the company, Sofía Miranda; and representatives of the 32 National Sports Federations patronized by the company; the President of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Miguel Carballeda; the Delegate Councillor for Sport of Madrid City Council, Sofía Miranda; representatives of the 32 National Sports Federations patronized by the company; and a large number of Iberdrola ministers, similar as Carolina Marín( badminton), Ona Carbonell( synchronised swimming), and Teresa Perales( swimming), amongothers.The awards fete put the finishing touch to a third edition that had 600 campaigners and which moment has made visible in a gleeful way the part that the company is playing in the achievement of equivalency throughsport.With a aggregate of€,000, the awards will award€,000 to each of the winning systems, programmes or enterprise in the six orders” Supera Base”, for the creation of grassroots sport among girls up to the age of 16, which has been awarded to the Getxo Skating and Roller Hockey Sports Club( Basque Country), with the end of conforming its architectures to be suitable to contend.” Supera Competición”, to help the objectification of women into competition, which will help the Club Deportivo Pingüinos Rugby de Burgos( Castilla y León) to be promoted to the División de Honor B and make rugby a sport of reference for all women and girls in the fiefdom.” Supera Inclusión”, for the insertion of women with special capacities in the practice of sports, which the Delikia Sports Club has achieved to promote the practice of calisthenics among youthful people with disabilities through training in seminaries, associations and medical societies in Galicia.” Supera Social”, to promote the integration of women in society through sport, and which will help the Algeciras Rowing Club( Andalusia) to help women who have overcome bone cancer to integrate into society through platoon rowing. For its part,” Supera Difusión”, for giving visibility to women’s sport, has awarded the talkie series” Conquistadoras”, from the ExtTV channel for its design to tell the stories of nimrods, clubs and coalitions good of being known, valued andremembered.And, as a novelty this time,” Supera Salud Mental”, which rewards internal health care in the field of sport, went to the design” Train your bodies”, by Affit, for the operation of a sports programme in the Therapeutic Educational Unit of the Provincial Hospital of Castellón, and for the enhancement that the adolescents will achieve thanks to the increased hours of physicalactivity.Presenting the Iberdrola Supera Awards- Iberdrola

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