We place€1.5 billion green bond with strong investor support

We place€1.5 billion green bond with strong investor support

Demand has exceded5.3 billion euros with further than 230 transnational investors
Iberdrola has tapped the fixed income request in Europe, as it did in March, successfully closing a double- tranche sale for a combined quantum of€1.5 billion€ 750 million with a six- time maturity and€ 750 million with a ten- time maturity, in both cases in green format, adding the quantum anticipated due to the high demandreceived.With massive support from fixed income investors, the company has completed its first sale in the capital requests since presenting to investors the update of its strategicoutlook.With strong demand exceeding€5.3 billion,€2.5 billion in the six- time tranche and€2.8 billion in the 10- time tranche, credit spreads were set at veritably tight situations of 40 and 63 base points over the corresponding midswap marks for each maturity, allowing for tickets of3.125 and3.375,respectively.The favourable conditions attained emphasize the reliability and robustness of Iberdrola’s solvency, as well as the confidence that investors continue to place in it, accentuated by the positive event in the last two weeks of both its third quarter results donation and, especially, the update of its strategic plan for the period 2023- 2025, which was presented in London to leading stock requestanalysts.The installation was placed among a aggregate of 230 investors, of which 158 shared in the six- time tranche and 178 in the ten- time tranche( numerous sharing in both tranches contemporaneously). Investors were overwhelmingly from different European countries, as well as from theUK.Green bonds tend to induce advanced demand and lower cost, as the interest of socially responsible investors is added to that of regular investors. A maturity of the sale has been placed with ESG investors, so Iberdrola continues to diversify its investor base and broaden demand, which enhances the prosecution of these deals in delicate requesttimes.The finances raised will be allocated to green eligible means, as defined in Iberdrola’s Green FinancingFramework.Ten leading transnational banks shared in the placement, JP Morgan( fellow), Caixabank, Citi, Commerzbank, Crédit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, MUFG, Natwest and Royal Bank of Canada, in a less unpredictable request environment following the publication of the rearmost affectation data in the United States, although still complex, in the environment of financial programs yet to be completely defined.
This operation strengthens Iberdrola’s formerly comfortable liquidity position, at excellent conditions and at a good time in the request, following the reversal in interest rates after last week’s US affectationdata.FINANCIAL STRENGTH TO DELIVER THE ENERGY TRANSITIONLast week, the company blazoned its Strategic Plan for 2023- 2025, with which it intends to advance its global growth with investments of€ 47 billion to boost the energy transition, employment and net zeroemissions.By business areas, Iberdrola will allocate€ 27 billion euros to grids and€ 17 billion torenewables.The new investments planned for the period 2023- 2025 enable Iberdrola to read gross operating profit( EBITDA) of between€16.5 billion-€ 17 billion by 2025, representing average periodic growth of between 8 and 9. Spain will regard for 31 of EBITDA. In addition, the company estimates that net profit will increase to between€5.2 and€5.4 billion by 2025, representing average periodic growth of between 8 and 10.

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