We increase our interim dividend by 12.2% and will pay 0.202 euros per share.

  • Iberdrola will distribute 0.202 euros per share as an interim dividend against 2023 results.
  • The amount is 12.2% higher than the EUR 0.180 per share distributed on account of 2022. To this amount will be added the final dividend, once approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Iberdrola’s interim dividend for 2023 will amount to EUR 0.202 gross per share, as reported today to the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). Investors opting for the cash dividend will receive the corresponding amount on 31 January.

The company once again offers its shareholders three options in this edition of Iberdrola Retribución Flexible: to receive in cash the amount corresponding to the interim dividend —the aforementioned 0.202 euros gross per share—; to sell their allocation rights on the market; or to obtain new bonus shares in the group free of charge. 

This interim dividend for 2023 will be completed with the final dividend that the company expects to pay in July if approved by the company’s General Shareholders’ Meeting. 

Shareholders who opt for the option to receive new shares must hold 58 free-of-charge allocation rights in order to receive a new share in the company.  
The three options —to receive the interim dividend in cash, to sell the rights in the market, or to receive new Iberdrola shares— are combinable, so the shareholder could choose one of the alternatives or combine them according to his or her preferences. 

The Iberdrola Retribución Flexible system assigns by default the option to receive new shares, so those shareholders who prefer to receive their remuneration in cash must notify their bank between 9 and 23 January.

In order to implement this new edition of the remuneration system, a capital increase with a maximum reference market value of 1,304 million euros will be carried out. 

Calendar of the ‘Iberdrola Retribución Flexible’ program January 2024

5 January 2024

Communication of the number of free allotment rights necessary to receive one share and the amount of the gross Interim Dividend per share.

8 January 2024

Last day on which shares entitled to participate in the dividend are traded. 

9 January 2024

Commencement of the common election and trading period for the free-of-charge allocation rights.

23 January 2024

End of the common election and trading period for free-of-charge allocation rights.

31 January 2024

Delivery of shares/payment of interim dividend.

2 February 2024

New shares start trading

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