We came the first company with AENOR’s Sustainable Procurement Strategy instrument

We came the first company with AENOR’s Sustainable Procurement Strategy instrument

The company has allocated further than€ 10 billion in 2021,82.5 of the total awarded, to suppliers that exceeded the sustainability situations established by its sustainable procurement operation system.
AENOR’s recognition ratifies Iberdrola’s commitment to icing that the life cycle of its services and products has the topmost positive environmental, social and profitable impact.

Iberdrola is committed to society and, for this reason, has taken a new step forward by carrying the Sustainable Procurement Strategy instrument awarded by AENOR, grounded on the ISO 204002017 standard, where the company’s responsibility to insure that the life cycle of each product or service has the topmost positive environmental, social and profitable impact has been vindicated. The instrument was presented by Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, to Asís Canales, Global Procurement and Services Director of the Iberdrola group, at a form held at the energy company’s headquarters inBilbao.Asís Canales, Iberdrola’s Global Director of People and Services, stated that” It’s the capstone of our strategy of sustainable development of the force chain. We’ve been carrying out conditioning in the area of suppliers for numerous times, from the point of view of sustainability, and the fact that this new instrument now exists and that we’re settlers in having it, in some way confirms that the path we had taken was the right bone
“. For his part, Rafael García Meiro explains that” at AENOR we’ve been working on results that help companies that aim to make their commitment to sustainability a competitive secerning factor. We’ve developed the Sustainable Procurement Strategy instrument, because procurement is a important instrument for amplifying SDG action in companies, promoting transversal sustainability throughout the value chain. In this line, the inspection by AENOR has shown that the sustainable purchasing operation system enforced by Iberdrola is in line with current stylish practices”. In fact, AENOR’s instrument shows that Iberdrola has effectively incorporated a vision of its force chain concentrated on sustainability, favoring a’ back and forth’ commerce with the company’s suppliers and internal stakeholders in a nonstop and transparent manner thanks to the digital tools enforced that grease the operation of copping
processes, threat operation and compliance with the company’s governance guidelines. The global compass of this instrument, which applies to all of the company’s areas of exertion anywhere in the world, has meant that by 2021 Iberdrola will have allocated€10.827 billion(82.5 of the total awarded) to suppliers that exceeded the sustainability situations established by its sustainable procurement operationsystem.Iberdrola also drives sustainability throughout the force chain, proposing customized enhancement plans to those suppliers that aren’t at the applicable sustainability situations, for a long- term relationship. In the last 12 months, further than 500 plans have been submitted, and in further than 50 of the cases these suppliers bettered to the point of being consideredsustainable.The energy company has a supplier evaluation model grounded on environmental, social and governance( ESG) criteria. Iberdrola therefore considers 43 factors to calculate the ESG score of each of its suppliers, including compliance with mortal rights, operation of pitfalls deduced from climate change, indirect frugality strategy or donation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals( SDGs). The Iberdrola group’s achievement of this important instrument is part of its global commitment to quality, which involves the excellent operation of all processes and coffers as an essential switch for creating value for people shareholders, guests, workers, suppliers and other stakeholders ofsociety.AUDITThe inspection conducted by AENOR has assessed the digital tools that guide the purchasing process as the stylish option for minimising pitfalls for the association. In addition, the use of BI tools( Power BI, thrills,etc.) allows the staff of the purchasing departments to concentrate on the operation of each tender, with an nearly live analysis of the data and easing decision- making and reporting. In the same way, the association publishes an periodic Sustainability Report where it explains its governance programs with an emphasis on its relations and impacts with its stakeholders. There’s also a Procurement Policy that articulates the company’s governance guidelines with respect to spending and the position of legal compliance needed of suppliers and internal stakeholders, establishing sustainable force chain operation as astandard.According to the inspection, Iberdrola has an internal scorecard that integrates supplier performance in terms of cost, time and supplier threat, and has a robust digital supplier process that affects profitable, structural, capacity, responsibility and sustainability aspects. A culture of sustainability and responsible supplier operation is promoted within the association at all situations, including elderly operation, a law of Ethics and Conduct for workers and suppliers is public and accessible, and the Terms abd Condicitions of Contract are transparent, public and accessibleAENOR’s Sustainable Procurement operation instrument, grounded on the ISO 204002017 standard, allows guests to integrate into a instrument an action strategy aligned with Sustainability, to punctuate the real prosecution of ESG commitments to investors or society, to minimize pitfalls throughout the value chain, to involve the entire business structure within the force chain, and to anticipate the legal vittles that are being developed, similar as the Due industriousness Directive, or to respond to the specific conditions that are beginning to be included to qualify for certain

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