Virginia Natural Gas now hiring to attract the coming generation of workers to the energy assiduity

Virginia Natural Gas now hiring to attract the coming generation of workers to the energy assiduity

Over the once two times, numerous diligence have plodded due to the COVID- 19 epidemic, driving one of the worst job heads since the Great Depression. According to labor statistics, millions lost jobs or were furloughed, while others had to switch occupations.
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One assiduity that has remained strong is the energy assiduity. In 2021, new jobs in theU.S. energy sector grew 4 over 2020, outpacing the overallU.S. employment, which climbed2.8 at the same time according to the United States Energy and Employment Report.
As part of the original energy assiduity, Virginia Natural Gas has kept up with assiduity trends over the once two times and looks to increase positions at the energy company in 2022. In 2020, VNG hired 38 new workers, a 30 increase over 2019, and 25 new hires in 2021, all while dealing with an ongoing epidemic.

As the assiduity continues to expand, the energy company hopes to add nearly 40 new hires to the payroll this time in positions that include mileage workers, masterminds, construction inspectors, asset protection, and design fellow.
” As a Top Plant in Hampton Roads, Virginia Natural Gas is the perfect place to start a career in one of the fastest growing diligence,” said Robert Duvall, chairman of Virginia Natural Gas.” We attract and retain largely professed workers who remain with the company for occasionally over to 30 times, and in fact, we’ve an hand retiring soon with 50 times with the company. That speaks volumes to our culture which is erected on collective respect, inclusiveness, and safety, as well as keeping guests at the center of everything we do.”

Take Kevin Stark, an mastermind with VNG who has been with the company for further than 29 times. Stark began his career with VNG as an intern in the marketing department, and after graduating from Old Dominion University, rose through the species and into the engineering department.
Taking his knowledge of thruway systems, he now handles megacity service systems. He may have taken an unconventional route to the engineering department since his bachelorette’s degree is in business administration, but he feels the company does a awful job mentoring workers into successful careers.

” I enjoy the design side of my job,” said Stark.” It’s a grueling job, working day- to- day problems, but I work with a great platoon, and we keep the systems moving.”
He also loves working for the energy company that put a lot of trust in him, he said, to promote him to his present position.

” Virginia Natural Gas treats their workers great,” he said.” Not only do I get the chance to do commodity I love, but the people are great, as well as the pay and benefits. I can not see myself working any other place.”
One of the newest masterminds with the company, Sloan Parker, agrees with Stark, saying that the energy assiduity really is the stylish place to begin a career.

Parker, a graduate of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, joined the VNG engineering department in May 2022 after graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering. The 25- time-old always knew he wanted to begin his career in some aspect of the energy assiduity.
” I have always been interested in energy,” said Parker.” Indeed though I have only been then a many months, the work has been instigative as I am learning about all the systems. Everyone is veritably helpful in answering questions and mentoring, plus the pay and benefits are great. I could not ask for anything better fresh out of council.”

Parker joins the growing number of other recent council graduates entering the energy- assiduity pool. presently, the average age ofU.S. mileage workers is over 50, several times aged than the public normal in other careers. This means that 25 of the mileage pool will retire in the coming five to ten times according to theU.S. Department of Energy, and not enough professed workers will live to fill the gap.
Due to a” graying” of the energy assiduity pool, VNG is proactively hiring in critically- manned positions, similar as mileage workers, to replace those workers who could retire soon, taking with them precious institutional knowledge.

” That could be problematic as numerous of our positions are largely dependent on OJT, or on- the- job training,” said Michele Potter, Human coffers mate at VNG.” That is why we’re proactively hiring in those crucial entry- position places. It’s the perfect way to learn about the natural gas assiduity with the occasion for growth and career advancement.”
As the assiduity continues to expand, VNG will continue to offer career openings with openings for long- term career growth and stability in the energy assiduity. And as a Top Plant in Hampton Roads, it’s the perfect place to start a career while being well compensated with the eventuality for high earnings.

About Virginia Natural Gas
Virginia Natural Gas is one of four natural gas distribution companies of Southern Company Gas, a wholly- possessed attachment of Southern Company( NYSE SO). Virginia Natural Gas provides clean, safe, dependable and affordable natural gas service to further than,000 domestic, marketable and artificial guests in southeast Virginia. constantly ranked in the top quartile for client satisfaction byJ.D. Power and Associates, the company also has been honored by the Virginia Department of Energy( Virginia Energy) and the Virginia Oil and Gas Association for its safety, invention, environmental stewardship, community outreach and educational programs, and has been named Original Distribution Company of the Year five times since 2015. The company has been ranked by its business guests as one of the most Trusted Business mates in the mileage assiduity according to Cogent Reports, and a Top Workplaces in Hampton Roads by Inside Business. For further information, and connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Nextdoor.

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