Virginia Natural Gas Invests $620,000 in Workforce Development

Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) has announced a $620,000 investment in workforce development across southeastern Virginia, highlighting its dedication to community growth and the local workforce’s future. This funding supports organizations with impactful programs, focusing on young adults, veterans, and students at Virginia Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The investment will enhance job readiness programs, including interview preparation, resume writing, networking, and scholarships for technical training in high-demand industries.

Robert Duvall, president and CEO of Virginia Natural Gas, emphasized the broader goals: “We understand that workforce development is critical for the success of our region. These investments aim to help veterans and the next generation of workers develop the skills that will lead to great jobs and careers in Hampton Roads.”

Shawn Avery, president and CEO of the Hampton Roads Workforce Council, praised the initiative: “Virginia Natural Gas’s contribution significantly impacts our youth workforce programs, addressing our region’s workforce needs.”

Key contributions and their impact:

  • Hampton Roads Workforce Foundation – NextGen: Prepares youth and veterans for the workforce by teaching essential skills and supporting career or educational advancement.
  • Virginia Chamber Foundation – Various Programs: Supports the Virginia Chamber Workforce Center and veteran employment through hiring fairs and workforce development conferences, including the “Hire Vets NOW” initiative and the Military & Veterans Conference in fall 2024.
  • Norfolk State University (NSU) – Spartan Promise to Persist with Purpose: A summer program to enhance NSU students’ job readiness and prepare them for successful careers post-graduation.
  • Hampton University – Workforce Development Scholarship: Provides scholarships for technical training courses in fields like welding and HVAC, promoting technical proficiency among students and community members.
  • Bridging Communities Regional CTE Foundation – Regional Career and Technical Center: Prepares students for professional industries through career-focused education and work-based learning.
  • Neighborhood – General Programming: Focuses on personal and professional growth, providing technical training and facilitating employment connections in growing sectors.
  • Accelerating Change Together Grant – Grant Program: A collaborative grant enhancing workforce development, awarded in partnership with Bayport, Huntington Ingalls, and Ferguson.

Virginia Natural Gas’s $620,000 investment underscores the company’s belief in the transformative power of education and job readiness. By fostering economic growth and improving quality of life, VNG is a leader in providing energy and community support, championing a skilled and resilient workforce for a thriving Virginia. Last month, VNG hosted its inaugural Workforce Development Summit, further demonstrating this commitment by bringing together partners to address workforce needs through collaboration. Panelists discussed attracting, recruiting, and employing talent; leadership development; workforce planning and knowledge transfer; impactful community models; and the benefits of open collaboration between academia and industry.

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