Unilabs and GE Healthcare launch cooperation for rearmost radiology outfit and imaging services in Portugal

Unilabs and GE Healthcare launch cooperation for rearmost radiology outfit and imaging services in Portugal

Unilabs, the leading European individual services provider, has agreed a cooperation with GE Healthcare to give slice- edge imaging outfit and digital technology in Portugal. The EUR 45m investment from Unilabs is one of the biggest ever investments in healthcare diagnostics in the country and will help insure better access to care for thousands of Portuguese cases.
The cooperation covers MRIs and CT scanning technology, ultrasound bias, mammography, andX-ray machines, as well as innovative imaging line services.

“ At Unilabs, delivering the stylish possible patient care is at the heart of everything we do. By furnishing for an innovative imaging line and the rearmost imaging services, this cooperation will give for fresh imaging capacity, speed up judgments, and ameliorate individual quality for cases across Portugal,” said Dr Christian Rebhan, Unilabs’ Susurrus and Chief Medical Officer. “ We’re pleased to work with GE Healthcare on this ground- breaking cooperation, which really demonstrates the value of being part of the Unilabs family,” said Luis Menezes, Regional Director Portugal, Latin America and Middle East.
“ Like numerous other countries around the world, Portugal’s healthcare system is arising from the peak of the Covid epidemic with unknown capacity demands,” said Rob Walton, President and CEO of GE Healthcare Europe, Middle East & Africa. “ Addressing this situation requires the entire healthcare ecosystem to work collaboratively, and this collaboration with Unilabs is a model for the approach that will be needed. This brings us one step closer to GE Healthcare’s vision of making healthcare more precise, effective, and personalised.”

Advanced data analytics and monitoring will induce new perceptivity, supporting healthcare and functional professionals in their diurnal decision- timber. Unilabs’ investment in its digital capacity will further ameliorate the patient experience by delivering briskly and more dependable individual services.
About Unilabs

Unilabs is one of Europe’s largest diagnostics companies, offering a complete range of laboratory, pathology, and imaging services to cases each around the world. A leading digital champion covering the full individual diapason, Unilabs’ workers save lives every day.
Unilabs invests heavily in technology, outfit, and people – using digital technologies in its state-of-the- art laboratories and imaging institutes to ameliorate the lives of close to 100 million people every time.

About GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare is the$ 17 billion * healthcare business of GE (NYSE GE). As a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics and digital results inventor, GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed opinions through intelligent bias, data analytics, operations and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform. With over 100 times of healthcare assiduity experience and around workers encyclopedically, the company operates at the center of an ecosystem working toward perfection health, digitizing healthcare, helping drive productivity and ameliorate issues for cases, providers, health systems and experimenters around the world.