Ukraine war E.ON donates€ 1 million for immediate philanthropic aid

Ukraine warE.ON donates€ 1 million for immediate philanthropic aid

Farther aid and collaboration measures for affected border regions in Central and Eastern Europe formerly in medication
Great surge of solidarity and amenability to help within the company
The war in Ukraine continues to leave the world stunned and frighted.E.ON condemns war and violence and completely supports the political warrants taken in Europe and Germany.

In the coming weeks, the United Nations expects around four million people at the borders of the neighboring states to flee the war in their motherland if the situation continues to worsen.
As a first step,E.ON is giving€ 1 million to prop associations working to help deportees and those affected by the war.

In addition, multitudinous private donations fromE.ON workers throughout Europe are presently being entered on a donation platform set up for the Group, which theE.ON Group will double again. NumerousE.ON workers also want to give private help to directly support the people in Ukraine. The company andco-determination are formerly working together to coordinate the help handed by workers.
The company is presently passing a great surge of solidarity and amenability to help the people in Ukraine. Our workers in our indigenous accessories in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are formerly seeing the terrible philanthropic goods of the war on a diurnal base in the immediate neighborhood of Ukraine. Concrete relief measures on the ground are either formerly underway or in the planning stage – these include the construction of energy structure for exile accommodation on the Romanian border with Ukraine and the provision of in- house rest and recreational accommodation for deportees in the Czech Republic. In Poland, sleeping bags, tapes and mattresses are being collected atE.ON headquarters there to be given to the Polish Red Cross.