Trenwa Partners with OPW to launch New Fibrelite Trench System

Trenwa, the leading producer of precast concrete trench systems, and OPW, the global leader in composite technology, are excited to introduce the new Fibrelite Trench System. This innovative product combines advanced FRP composite technology with a modular design to provide a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-install solution for cable trench applications.

The Fibrelite Trench System features a proprietary beam design that makes it incredibly light but also able to support HS20 road crossing traffic. It is designed to work seamlessly with the Fibrelite LHF HS20 load-rated lids, which offer superior strength and durability.

“Our Fibrelite Trench system represents a quantum leap in trench system technology,” said George Schurr, CEO at Trenwa. “By combining our expertise in cable trench systems with OPW’s revolutionary Fibrelite technology, we have created a solution that offers unmatched strength, safety, and versatility. We are confident that this product will transform the way industries approach trench system design and installation.”

The Fibrelite Road Crossing Trench System offers significant benefits, including easy installation without the need for cranes or lifting equipment, shiplapped ends for effortless alignment, and walls that do not flex or require bracing during installation and backfilling.

For more information about the Trenwa Fibrelite Trench system, please visit or contact Trenwa at [email protected].

About Trenwa:

Trenwa is a leading manufacturer of cable trench systems for the industrial, commercial, and infrastructure markets. With over 60 years of experience, Trenwa delivers innovative solutions that provide superior strength, durability, and performance in demanding environments.

About OPW:

OPW is defining what’s next in fueling solutions and innovations worldwide. OPW delivers product excellence and the most comprehensive line of fueling equipment and services to retail and commercial fueling operations around the globe. For more information, please visit

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