TotalEnergies Launches New Battery Storage Project in Belgium

On the occasion of Belgian Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten’s visit to TotalEnergies’ Antwerp refinery battery storage project, the Company announced the development in Belgium of a second similar project.

The new project will be developed on the site of TotalEnergies’ depot in Feluy. It will have a power rating of 25 MW and capacity of 75 MWh, thanks to the forty Intensium Max High Energy lithium-ion containers supplied by Saft. Start-up is expected at the end of 2025.

These two projects, which represent a global investment of nearly €70 million, will bring TotalEnergies’ storage capacity in Belgium to 50 MW / 150 MWh.

These battery storage sites play a key role in the resilience of the electricity system, providing flexibility and helping solve grid congestion problems. They also encourage the growth of renewable energies in the country, which require solutions like these to compensate for their intermittency.

“We are pleased to announce this new storage project in Feluy, just a year after we began our Antwerp project, which should be operational by the end of the year. These projects are fully in line with our integrated development strategy for electricity, not just in Belgium, but globally,” said Olivier Jouny, Senior Vice President, Integrated Power at TotalEnergies. “These technical systems also confirm the European leadership of our affiliate specialized in battery production, Saft, and its industrial-scale stationary storage know-how.”

TotalEnergies and electricity in Belgium

In Belgium, TotalEnergies is a major player along the entire electricity value chain. As an electricity supplier, the Company has a portfolio of 900,000 customers.

As an electricity producer, TotalEnergies relies in particular on the Marchienne-au-Pont CCGT power plant (430 MW), the Plate-Taille hydroelectric storage (140 MW), and an offshore wind farm located in the Belgian North Sea (300 MW). TotalEnergies is also developing solar and onshore wind projects, with a portfolio of 300 MW.

In electric mobility, TotalEnergies already has more than 10,000 charging points in operation (35% on roads, 20% at private homes and 45% in offices) throughout the country. TotalEnergies operates recharging points in major cities such as Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent.

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