TotalEnergies and Safran Create a Strategic Partnership to Accelerate the Decarbonization of the Aviation Industry

TotalEnergies and Safran Create a Strategic Partnership to Accelerate the Decarbonization of the Aviation Industry

TotalEnergies and Safran have signed a strategic partnership agreement to jointly develop technical and commercial solutions for the decarbonization of the aviation industry.

In line with the ambition of both companies to succeed in net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, this major partnership aims to accelerate the reduction of the CO2 emissions of the aviation industry. Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plays a key role during this approach.

The collaboration will leverage Safran and TotalEnergies’ respective areas of excellence and expertise for the event and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels and develop an informed understanding of the general value chain and use cases, while integrating the objectives of sustainable development altogether.

In the short term, the partnership aims to form current engines compatible with fuel containing up to 100% SAF. long run , it’ll then work to optimize engine/fuel energy efficiency and environmental performance.

This collaboration may reach other fields, like adapting fuel systems to SAF or developing new-generation battery systems for electric motors.

The agreement focuses on three key areas:

Research, technology and innovation, with the event of technological bricks validated through ground tests of propulsion systems and demonstrator flight tests of engines.
Supply of sustainable aviation fuels produced in France by TotalEnergies to decarbonize Safran’s airplane and helicopter engine tests in France.
Dialogue and promotion, through initiatives to boost awareness among public and personal players in France, Europe and worldwide.
Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief military officer of TotalEnergies, declared: “We are pleased to hitch forces with Safran to assist meet the challenge of decarbonizing the aviation industry together. This strategic alliance will contribute to the emergence of a French value chain for sustainable aviation fuel and electric aircraft. TotalEnergies is resolutely committed to reducing its own carbon emissions and to supporting its customers in their reduction efforts by offering innovative, tailored solutions. We believe that cooperation among all aviation industry players is required to realize the objectives of the energy transition to succeed in carbon neutrality.”

Olivier Andriès, Chief military officer of Safran, said: “I welcome this agreement, which is fully in line with Safran’s strategic priority to decarbonize aviation. Our ambition is to develop breakthrough technologies for ultra-efficient engines that are 20% more fuel-efficient than the present LEAP engine and 100% compatible with sustainable fuels. This cooperation with TotalEnergies demonstrates our commitment to limiting our environmental footprint, contributing to carbon neutrality within the aviation industry, and preserving a mode of transportation that delivers essential economic, social and cultural benefits.”

Sustainable aviation fuels are an immediately available solution for significantly reducing CO2 emissions from air transport , as they will be utilized in blends of up to 50% as of today without modifying existing supply chain infrastructure, aircraft or engines. Safran may be a key player in projects which will allow the utilization of 100% SAF in existing aircraft.

French legislation involves aircraft to use a minimum of 1% SAF by 2022 for all flights originating in France, while the ecu Commission involves a build up to twenty by 2025 and 5% by 2030 as a part of the ecu Green Deal.

TotalEnergies and Aviation
TotalEnergies is one among the leading aviation fuel suppliers in France, the remainder of Europe and Africa, providing refueling services to just about 280 airlines in additional than 300 airports worldwide. the corporate proposes a full range of products (SAF, Jet A-1, Avgas) and services tailored to every sort of customer: business or leisure flights, aviation industry, airports, airlines, etc.
TotalEnergies is involved in numerous initiatives to supply and market sustainable aviation fuel in partnership with aviation industry partners. a fanatical Renewable Fuels Business Unit was created in 2021, and a replacement milestone was reached in May 2021 with the successful first flight of a long-haul aircraft powered by sustainable aviation fuel produced by TotalEnergies in France.
By developing and supporting the emergence of a sustainable aviation fuel value chain, TotalEnergies confirms the leadership role played by France and therefore the remainder of Europe in driving innovation within the energy and environmental transition.

About TotalEnergies
TotalEnergies may be a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a worldwide scale: oil and biofuels, gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Our 105,000 employees are committed to energy that’s ever cheaper , clean, reliable and accessible to as many of us as possible. Active in additional than 130 countries, TotalEnergies puts sustainable development altogether its dimensions at the guts of its projects and operations to contribute to the well-being of individuals .