The Museum of the American Revolution recognises Spain’s donation to the independence of the United States

The Museum of the American Revolution recognises Spain’s donation to the independence of the United States

For the first time, the institution has added to its collection references to Spain’s crucial part in the birth and conformation of the United States through a restored portrayal bestowed by Iberdrola.
The company has also patronized a book and an educational app for US scholars, in collaboration with the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute, presented at an event held in WashingtonD.C

Spain’s important donation to the birth and conformation of the United States is formerly present in the Museum of the American Revolution( Philadelphia), which has just added to its collection a portrayal of the revolutionary Stephen Minor, who fought with the Spanish army under the command of Bernardo deGálvez.The oil, attributed to William Edward West around 1809, has been restored and bestowed to this institution by Iberdrola. The piece was presented in Philadelphia at an event attended by Scott Stephenson, President and CEO of the Museum of the American Revolution, Ricardo Añino, Political Counsellor of the Spanish Embassy in the United States, and Rafael Orbegozo, Advisor to the Chairman’s Office of the IberdrolaGroup.The portrayal therefore joins the Museum’s collection along with an explicatory panel that highlights Spain’s part as a crucial supporter of the Revolutionary cause and recalls the figure of Minor, who joined Spain’s army in Louisiana to regain Florida from the British in 1780 and 1781. Known as’ Don Esteban’ Minor, he was appointed captain of the Spanish forces under Bernardo de Gálvez for his service during the Siege of Pensacola and, after the war, came the last Spanish governor of Natchez before it was ceded to the United States in 1798. In addition, during Hispanic Heritage Month the Museum will offer diurnal lectures on Spain’s donation to American independence during the American Revolution. Between 1775 and 1782 Spain transferred arms, material and finances worth the fellow of$ 3 billion moment. In addition, thousands of Hispanic dogfaces and mariners contributed their lives to the birth of the newnation.The donation of this portrayal is part of Iberdrola’s Unveiling Memories design, which aims to leave a endless heritage of Spain’s and Latinos’ and Hispanics’ pivotal donation to Americanindependence.As part of this action, the book” Desvelando memorias”( Unveiling Memories) was presented at the former hearthstone of the Spanish ministers in Washington DC. Through a series of papers written by experts in the field, the book reviews multitudinous occurrences and literal numbers that have remained largely unknown to the general public in the United States and Spain. Along with this publication, an educational app called” Quizstory Spanish Friendship”, developed by the company in collaboration with the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute, was also presented. This tool, aimed at US scholars between 10 and 18 times of age, aims to circulate the Hispanic donation to the War of Independence through a game.” As a leading sustainable energy company, Iberdrola is committed to the growth of our communities, and we’re proud of our binary Hispanic- American roots,” said Pedro Azagra, CEO of AVANGRID, a attachment of the Iberdrola group in the United States.” Through monuments, exhibitions and educational tools, similar as the book and app we’ve launched and the restored portrayal bestowed to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, our Unveiling Memories design seeks to exfoliate light on the heritage of a story that has gone innumerous forcenturies.COMMITMENT TO THE Dispersion OF CULTURE AND THE USAWithin the frame of the Unveiling Memories design, Iberdrola promotes multitudinous conditioning that include exhibitions, endless commemorations, donations of literal accoutrements to galleries, forums , publications, online coffers, and support for training and exploration in this field. These enterprise are part of the company’s commitment to the creation and dispersion of art and culture, and demonstrate its close ties with the United States, where, through its attachment AVANGRID, it has established itself as one of the leading companies in the energysector.In lower than two decades, AVANGRID has come one of the largest groups in the North American electricity sector. Present in 24 countries, it has further than,500 MW of installed renewable capacity( substantially wind and photovoltaic) and further than,000 kilometres of power lines through eight distributors in New York, Connecticut, Maine andMassachusetts.The company presently employs further than,350 people directly and contributes laterally to the creation of some,000 jobs, with a donation of further than€ 10 billion to the country’s GDP.

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