Terra Firma Energy Limited Purchase Hereford Flexible Generation Project from Noriker Power Limited

Terra Firma Energy have completed the acquisition of a 28MW dual-technology flexible generation and storage project located in Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom from Noriker Power Limited.

This new project will provide 20MW of flexible generation capacity allowing it to provide much needed demand side response generation to the local community ensuring a dependable and secure source of power when needed. The project will also allow for 8MW of storage capacity enabling the project to provide much needed grid balancing services to the local distribution network.

Situated to the northwest of Hereford, the power generation plant will be connected to the local high pressure gas network and will export electricity via the local 66kV distribution network using hydrogen ready generators, the plant will play a vital role in meeting the energy needs of the region with the site going operational and generating electricity in 2025.

About flexible generation plants

Flexible power generation is a critical component in enabling the transition to cleaner energy in the UK. As the nation seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and embrace renewable sources, on demand power generation plants provide an essential bridge to ensure a reliable power supply during peak demand periods. By swiftly responding to fluctuations in electricity demand, our plants enhance the stability of the grid, complementing intermittent renewable sources.

Marc Thomas, Managing Director of Noriker Power said “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Terra Firma Energy team throughout the sale of this project. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment have made them an ideal partner. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Terra Firma Energy and are excited to collaborate on future projects that will further drive innovation and help shape the future of renewable energy.”

William Davies, Managing Director of Terra Firma Energy said “Once again Terra Firma Energy are proving our commitment to facilitating the UK’s energy transition. The acquisition of this project in Hereford further cements our commitment to providing a portfolio of generating assets to enable a secure energy future for the UK. Noriker Power have been exceptional throughout the acquisition process, their knowledge and cooperation have greatly contributed to the success of this deal. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Noriker Power and collaborating on future projects.”

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About Terra Firma Energy Limited

Terra Firma Energy Limited are a privately owned U.K. based Independent Power Producing company operating in the development of renewable & sustainable energy projects. We design, develop & construct carefully sourced projects with the emphasis on making them a cleaner & more respectful source of energy production for future generations.

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