SynMax Secures $13 Million in Recent Investment Round, Led by Energy Trader Bill Perkins

Houston-based data intelligence company, SynMax, specializing in maritime and energy intelligence, is thrilled to announce the successful closure of its latest investment round. The company has raised $13 million at a $50 million pre-money valuation, led by renowned energy trader Bill Perkins. The round also saw participation from Alex Moore, co-founder of Palantir.

This significant financial milestone will further propel SynMax’s growth in its innovative products, including Theia, Hyperion, Vulcan, and Leviaton. Theia, a cutting-edge maritime intelligence product, processes millions of square kilometers of over-ocean satellite imagery daily to detect, identify, and track tens of thousands of dark vessels, enhancing maritime security and oversight.

Hyperion is an oil and gas intelligence platform, which leverages satellite imagery to monitor rigs, frac crews, well completions, and provides the industry’s most accurate oil and gas forecast.

Vulcan, SynMax’s coal inventory tracking solution, utilizes satellite photogrammetry to monitor coal inventory levels at 100 US coal power plants.

The portfolio is rounded off by Leviaton, an LNG maritime intelligence platform that employs AI and dark ship intelligence for precise predictions of global LNG flows.

“The confidence shown by our investors, led by Bill Perkins and including industry heavyweights like Alex Moore, is a testament to the groundbreaking work we’re doing at SynMax,” said Brendan Moore, CEO of SynMax. “With this investment, we’re poised to redefine how data intelligence drives decision-making in the maritime and energy sectors.”

Eric Anderson, CTO of SynMax further added that “SynMax’s proficiency in harnessing satellite imagery and AI for more informed decision-making in critical industries, sets it apart as a leader in the space.”

About SynMax

Based in Houston, Texas with offices in London and New York, SynMax is a pioneering data intelligence company specializing in maritime and energy intelligence. By integrating advanced satellite imagery and AI, SynMax delivers unparalleled insights into maritime operations, oil and gas development, coal inventory, and LNG flows, enabling businesses and organizations to make data-driven decisions with precision and confidence.

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