SSP Innovations Launches Fixed-Fee Utility Network Migration Service

SSP Innovations has unveiled SSP Accelerate, a comprehensive offering designed to aid electric and gas utilities in transitioning from Esri’s Geometric Network to the Utility Network (Modern Network Management). This fixed-fee, pre-configured solution significantly streamlines the time, cost, and complexity typically associated with such implementations.

Drawing from the successes and insights of large-scale Utility Network projects, SSP Accelerate provides a pre-built design based on industry best practices. It culminates in a fully functional Utility Network setup, inclusive of migrated data, network editing and management tools, and staff training. By embracing a ‘less is more’ approach that covers the majority of utility requirements, customers can focus on transitioning their people, workflows, and data to the new system. SSP Accelerate offers a clear and cost-effective path to Utility Network deployment.

Wendy Jacobs, Executive Director of Product Management, commented, “The utility industry welcomes SSP Accelerate—a migration solution that makes Utility Network adoption feasible for countless small to mid-sized utilities. By the same token, SSP Accelerate empowers larger utilities with complex operational scenarios to significantly reduce development efforts.”

CEO Patrick Vardeman added, “This marks a significant milestone for the Utility Network. We anticipate an increase in utility customers moving into production with the Utility Network annually—a win-win for the industry.”

Esri’s ArcGIS Pro Utility Network extension serves as a vital GIS solution for managing asset networks, aiding transmission and distribution utilities in energy management, restoration, and field operations. With Esri discontinuing support for earlier versions of its ArcGIS software, many utilities require migration services, often a substantial undertaking.

SSP Innovations, an Esri Platinum Partner in the utility and telecom sectors, offers GIS and data services, Utility Network implementations, strategic consulting, and a suite of products aligned with Esri ArcGIS. SSP has been at the forefront of Utility Network platform introduction, leading in product development, strategic consulting, data preparation, and implementation services. Numerous major utility companies in North America have entrusted SSP with their Utility Network migration projects, celebrating successful completions.

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