Southern Company builds on sustainability transparency leadership

Southern Company builds on sustainability translucency leadership

Harmonious with its commitment to translucency and stakeholder engagement, Southern Company has published its 2021 Commercial Responsibility Administrative Summary, refreshed crucial environmental, social and governance( ESG) data and published a new Trade Association and Climate Engagement Report. These accoutrements can be set up in the Data, Downloads and Reports section of the Company’s website.

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” Southern Company and its operating companies have remained focused on producing clear and comprehensive exposures that help investors more understand our company and strategic enterprise,” said Tom Fanning, president, chairman and CEO for Southern Company.” Members of Southern Company’s Board of Directors, our operation platoon and subject matter experts across the company devote their time to routinely engaging with a broad range of stakeholders to understand their precedences and enterprises. By marrying the information and perspectives gathered through these important exchanges with our ideal to give clean, safe, dependable and affordable energy, we’re suitable to achieve optimal issues for our guests.”

2021 Commercial Responsibility Administrative Summary
Southern Company has long believed commercial responsibility and commercial strategy are inextricably linked. Effectively aligning the company’s commercial strategy with its commitments to stakeholders requires the attention of the entire leadership platoon, as well as the Board of Directors. This report describes Southern Company’s trials and serves as a roadmap for stakeholders wishing to learn further.

The report highlights
Southern Company’s six commercial sustainability precedences Net Zero and Environment; trustability, Adaptability and Affordability; Innovation; pool Sustainability; Diversity, Equity, and Addition; and Community connections
Southern Company’s core sustainability pretensions and progress against those pretensions
New and notable particulars similar as streamlined timelines for proposed coal- fired generation retreats repowerings and renewable generation additions; discussion of emigrations reporting and third- party verification/ assurance; commitment to take over a ethnical equity inspection in 2023; UN Sustainable Development Goals alignment; and a description of the Company’s precedence sustainability assessment.
reciprocal to the 2021 Commercial Responsibility Administrative Summary, Southern Company has streamlined its ESG Data Table to include 2021 criteria , refreshed its TCFD and SASB indicators and published a new, comprehensive GRI Index.

2021 Trade Association and Climate Engagement Report

Southern Company also published its 2021 Trade Association and Climate Engagement Report, pressing its continued formative engagement with policymakers. The report, which brings together being exposures and provides analysis and sapience into Southern Company’s net zero advocacy positions and enrollments in trade associations, provides translucency for investors and other stakeholders into how the company’s engagement with policymakers allows the company to deliver clean, safe, dependable, affordable energy to guests.

” We believe it’s important to share in the public policy process and advocate for enduring programs that are in the interests of Southern Company and our operating companies, as well as guests, workers, stakeholders and the communities that we serve,” said Jim Kerr, administrative vice chairman, principal legal officer and principal compliance officer for Southern Company.” We’re pleased to give the 2021 Trade Association and Climate Engagement Report to our stakeholders who have expressed an interest in our advocacy sweats.”

crucial rudiments of the report include

An overview of Southern Company’s foundational principles and net zero advocacy positions
A description of the company’s approach to assessing trade association class and alignment with the company’s business objects, including its net zero thing
An assessment of climate- related positions of trade associations to which Southern Company or a attachment pays pretenses of$,000 or further and that lobby on civil energy policy issues as of December 2021
A discussion of Board and operation oversight of political engagement conditioning
The report will be streamlined over time harmonious with Southern Company’s long-standing commitment to translucency.

Recognition by CPA- Zicklin as Trendsetter

In addition, Southern Company has been honored for political exposure and responsibility in the 2022 CPA- Zicklin indicator. Companies that score 90 points or advanced on the indicator are considered Trendsetters. Southern Company entered a score of 91, the loftiest mark it has entered on the Index since it was first published in 2011.

The CPA- Zicklin indicator is produced annually by the Center for Political Responsibility in confluence with the Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The indicator measures political exposure and responsibility programs and practices for election- related spending by S&P 500 companies, including political spending programs and board oversight.

About Southern Company
Southern Company( NYSE SO) is a leading energy company serving 9 million guests through its accessories. The company provides clean, safe, dependable and affordable energy through electric operating companies in three countries, natural gas distribution companies in four countries, a competitive generation company serving noncommercial guests across America, a leading distributed energy structure company, a fiber optics network and telecommunications services. Southern Company brands are known for excellent client service, high trustability and affordable prices below the public normal. For further than a century, we’ve been erecting the future of energy and developing the full portfolio of energy coffers, including carbon-free nuclear, advanced carbon prisoner technologies, natural gas, renewables, energy effectiveness and storehouse technology. Through an assiduity- leading commitment to invention and a low- carbon future, Southern Company and its accessories develop the customized energy results our guests and communities bear to drive growth and substance. Our exacting values insure we put the requirements of those we serve at the center of everything we do and govern our business to the benefit of our world. Our commercial culture and hiring practices have been honored nationally by theU.S. Department of Defense,G.I. Jobs magazine, DiversityInc, Black Enterprise, Forbes and the Women’s Choice Award. To learn more,

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