Siemens makes business trip more sustainable

Siemens makes business trip more sustainable

Green Stay Initiative( GSI) is first global standard to enable further sustainable business- trip lodging and meetings
morning in 2023, Siemens to elect its favored supplier hospices according to GSI sustainability criteria
Open- source tool available for also enabling other companies to reduce their carbon footmark
Siemens will be the first global company to introduce a obligatory Green Stay Initiative( GSI) policy and request that hospices give data about their environmental impact. Together with the transnational service company HRS, Siemens developed global, traceable, and standardized criteria by which the carbon footmark of each individual hostel can be tracked and compared with others. So far, there has not been a global standard for using traceable criteria to compare hostel sustainability.
In the future, hostel providers will submit information via the Green Stay Initiative on aspects similar as energy consumption, water consumption and waste per engaged room night. This information will also serve as the base for calculating the carbon footmark. The computation process involves furnishing environmental data grounded on honored norms similar as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO. Sustainable hospices are also stressed and suggested to workers in the company’s internal business- trip booking tool.
To set a new request standard, the Green Stay Initiative has been designed as an open- source tool for enabling other companies to travel further sustainably as well. Siemens, which reckoned for further than two million room nights annually before the epidemic, sees GSI as an essential motorist for achieving its sustainability targets. further than half of Siemens ’ supplier hospices have formerly handed their data.
“ The HRS Green Stay Initiative provides us with a invariant global standard for measuring and comparing hospices ’ environmental vestiges, ” said Thorsten Eicke, Head of Global Mobility Services at Siemens AG. “ By enforcing this action, we can eventually close a gap because, for our other suppliers, we formerly had a similar standard thanks to our Carbon Web Assessment( CWA). We can now steer our hostel volume to support our intentions for going green. This is a proven technology, and it’s easily time to use these capabilities to serve our near- term and long- term sustainability pretensions. ”
Starting coming time, Siemens will elect its favored supplier hospices according to sustainability criteria that GSI has defined. As a result, hospices will be asked to give data for their individual parcels on an periodic base. Up to 80 Green Stay Initiative criteria are used to measure CO2 emigrations and estimate performance in sustainability policy, energy operation, and biodiversity. These criteria consider the hospices ’ amenities, similar as pools, air exertion and gym areas, as well as farther influences, similar as resource effectiveness, recycling, shuttle services and caffs
. Siemens will acclimate the criteria grounded on its own sustainability frame and on the norms for carbon vestiges in individual countries. By prioritizing suppliers that fulfill honored sustainability criteria, Siemens aims to encourage further hospices to reduce their carbon emigrations.
Siemens collaborates encyclopedically with HRS on a broad range of hostel program operation functions, including procurement, rate auditing, booking, payment and operation of meetings. Feting that numerous hospices have limited coffers in the wake of the epidemic, HRS ’ and Siemens ’ sustainability experts purposefully designed the Green Stay Initiative to make it easy for hospices to submit their data and misbehave with empirical commercial reporting norms on environmental, social and governance motifs. Demonstrating noteworthy traction, further than 300 hostel chains and thousands of parcels across 130 countries are presently sharing in HRS ’ Green Stay Initiative, lower than 18 months after HRS introduced the award- winning technology to commercial lodging buyers and suppliers worldwide.
“ We ’ve noted that a number of our Fortune 500 guests have begun making definitive requests regarding sustainability- related criteria in their original hostel request for proffers for 2023. That said, given their pioneering history, I ’m not surprised in the least to see Siemens taking the lead with this public pronouncement, ” said HRS CEO Tobias Ragge. “ Sustainability is decreasingly getting the force driving commercial strategy. That’s why HRS has pledged to continue investing in sustainable technologies that will expedite the appearance of net- zero commercial lodging programs, all while helping the trip assiduity reach carbon impartiality times in advance of the 2050 thing outlined in the Paris Agreement. ”

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