Shell Identifies Damage to WD-143 from Hurricane Ida within the Gulf of Mexico

Shell Identifies Damage to WD-143 from Hurricane Ida within the Gulf of Mexico

Shell Offshore Inc. (Shell), a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, conducted an initial flyover of our assets within the path of Hurricane Ida. During this first flight, we observed damage to our West Delta-143 (WD-143) offshore facilities. When it’s safe to try to to so, we’ll send personnel offshore to supply a better inspection of those facilities to know the complete extent of the damage and therefore the degree to which our production within the Gulf of Mexico will likely be impacted.

The WD-143 facilities function the transfer station for all production from our assets within the Mars corridor within the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico to onshore crude terminals.
Our Perdido asset within the southwestern Gulf of Mexico was never disrupted by the hurricane, and our floating production, storage and offloading vessel, the Turritella (also referred to as Stones) is currently back on line. All of our other offshore assets remain enclose and remain fully evacuated at this point . At the first phase of assessment and recovery, approximately 80% of Shell-operated production within the Gulf of Mexico remains off line.

In our initial flyover, we didn’t observe any visible structural damage to the remainder of our offshore assets. once we are ready to safely deploy personnel offshore to those assets, we’ll conduct additional inspections and work to revive production as soon as possible.

Notes to editors
The WD-143 platform, owned by Shell Offshore Inc. (71.5%) and BP (28.5%), is operated by Shell company , L.P.
The Mars corridor consists of Shell-operated tension leg platforms Mars, Olympus, and Ursa. Mars and Olympus ownership is: Shell Offshore Inc. (71.5%) and BP Exploration & Production Inc. (28.5%), respectively. Ursa ownership is: Shell Offshore Inc. (45.3884%), BP Exploration & Production Inc. (22.6916%), ExxonMobil Corporation (15.9600%), and ConocoPhillips Company (16.9600%).
To find out more about hurricane preparedness, including potential impacts to our offshore assets, please visit the Shell Hurricane Center: center.
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