Sempra and Sempra LNG Pledge$ to Hurricane Ida Relief Labors

Sempra and Sempra LNG Pledge$ to Hurricane Ida Relief Labors

-Sempra (NYSE NYSE SRE) (BMV BMV SRE) and Sempra LNG moment declared a beneficence of$ to the Other Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana, to support immediate relief labors related to Hurricane Ida.
” Our debates are with the communities and families impacted by the havoc from Hurricane Ida, ” said Justin Bird, CEO of Sempra LNG. ” We’re committed to helping Louisiana recover and rebuild from this storm and are thankful for the first canvassers, selectees and consortia like Makeshift Harvest who hourly rise to the challenge to help those in need. “

” We’re glad for this generous gift from Sempra and Sempra LNG to support Makeshift Harvest’s disaster response pains across South Louisiana in the issue of Hurricane Ida, ” said Natalie Jayroe, moderator and CEO of Second Harvest. This gift will make a big difference for so multiple communities across South Louisiana, from Terrebonne, Lafourche and Plaquemines Communions, to the River Communions, New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, the Northshore, andSt. Mary, Iberia and Vermillion Communions. “

About Sempra LNG
Sempra LNG’s job is being North America’s premier LNG framing company by handing sustainable, safe and true access toU.S. natural gas for global requests. Sempra LNG owns interests in Cameron LNG, a 12 Mtpa wares installation operating in Hackberry, Louisiana and Energía Costa Azul (ECA ECA) LNG, a 3 Mtpa line complex under construction in Baja California, Mexico. Sempra LNG is developing added LNG line complexes on the Gulf and Pacific Shorelines of North America including Port Arthur LNG in Texas, expansions of Cameron LNG and ECA LNG, as well as supporting channels and depository blueprints. Through castigated and innovative processes, Sempra LNG is easing the global energy transition by leading the responsible development of lower- carbon energy armature investments along the LNG value chain. For added information about Sempra LNG, please

About Sempra
Sempra’s assignment is to be North America’s premier energy armature company. The Sempra family of companies have added than talented hands who deliver energy with purpose to over 36 million consumers. With added than$ 66 billion in total capital at the end of 2020, the San Diego- grounded company is the holder of one of the largest energy networks in North America serving some of the world’s leading frugality. The company is helping to advance the global energy transition by enabling the delivery of lower- carbon energy answers in each call it serves, including California, Texas, Mexico and the LNG line call. Sempra is ever feted as a leader in sustainable business practices and for its long- standing commitment to confecting a high- performing culture including safety, force development and training, and diversity and addendum. Sempra is the only North American account sector company included on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and was also named one of the ” World’s Uttermost Respected Companies ” for 2021 by Fortune Magazine. For other information about Sempra, please visit Sempra’s website and on Twitter@Sempra.

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