Renewable energy ENGIE launches its pioneering marker in France with the moxie of Bureau Veritas

Renewable energy ENGIE launches its pioneering marker in France with the moxie of Bureau Veritas

ENGIE launches moment of a pioneering action to speed up the acceptance of renewable powers, with the creation of a marker concertedly- designed with Bureau Veritas.
Named “ TED” for Transition Energétique Durable ( Sustainable Energy Transition), the marker is innovated on meaningful commitments in favor of the development and operation of renewable conditioning, a pillar of the Group’s energy design. It aims to give citizens, as well as regions, guarantees of rigor and translucency.

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, examination and instrument, is supporting ENGIE in defining and enforcing the marker instrument process and will conduct follow-up checkups.
Energy is at the heart of the challenges facing regions and is a major concern for citizens. ENGIE, the leader in wind and solar power in France, the leading indispensable player in hydropower, and a top- league player in methanization, has erected a coherent energy design for its guests and for the country, grounded on a diversified energy blend.

Open, transparent and uniting, this design anchors renewable powers in the regions. Further than ever in the environment of geopolitical extremity, energy independence is a charging ideal. It’s by working together, and by conforming to each region’s energy coffers into account, that ENGIE will lay the foundations for an decreasingly well- accepted transition.
To help achieve this, ENGIE is enforcing a unique system. Homogenized through the “ TED” marker, developed with Bureau Veritas, it’s grounded on the strong commitment of design stakeholders, guaranteed preservation of nature in the vicinity of installations and optimization of their donation to combat climate change. It includes a aggregate of nine concrete commitments, that go beyond nonsupervisory conditions and which ENGIE is committed to planting totally. TED forms the foundation of the commitments on which ENGIE builds knitter- made renewable energy systems, acclimated to the regions where they’re located.

ENGIE is committed to a long- term approach and nonstop enhancement
all ENGIE onshore wind and solar conditioning in France are concerned from now on, with a view to instrument by Bureau Veritas in June 2022;
the approach will be extended to methanization conditioning in France in the course of 2022;
follow-up checkups will be conducted by Bureau Veritas in 2023 and 2024.
Catherine MacGregor, ENGIE CEO, said”With this marker, we’re staking on our experience erected over the times. Our system, open, transparent, close to the homes, will be labeled by an independent third party. We want to propose a unique way to develop and produce these renewable powers, integrating the particularity of the regions. All of these commitments, which go beyond nonsupervisory conditions in France, will eventually be the standard for the development and operation of ENGIE’s renewable installations worldwide, taking into account original realities.”

Didier Michaud-Daniel, CEO of Bureau Veritas, added “ With a presence in 140 countries, Bureau Veritas is a world leader in inspection and instrument services. Using our moxie in health and safety, environmental protection and mortal rights, we help our guests produce value by being more effective, more regular and more transparent in their strategy of transitioning to further sustainable conditioning. We’re pleased to support ENGIE in this labelling process, which serves as a critical and foundational element in shaping trust in renewable powers.”