PetroChina Plants 35,000 Mangroves for World Environment Day

PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. commemorated World Environment Day 2024 by planting 35,000 mangrove seedlings at the Pangkal Babu Mangrove Ecotourism Area on June 6. The symbolic planting event featured PetroChina Jabung Government and Relation Superintendent Lasno, along with other staff members.

The event also welcomed representatives from West Tanjung Jabung’s Environment Agency, Regional Development Planning Board, Tourism Sports and Youth Agency, Fisheries Agency, Creative Economy Committee, local students, and tourism awareness groups.

Lasno emphasized that the mangrove planting demonstrated PetroChina Jabung’s commitment to environmental preservation. “Today’s activity is part of our year-long mangrove planting program. We hope it inspires local communities to continue planting mangroves,” he said.

West Tanjung Jabung Environment Agency head Suparjo expressed gratitude to PetroChina for supporting the mangrove planting efforts. “We encourage all stakeholders, including private entities, to help preserve the environment for future generations,” he stated.

Local community members echoed this sentiment. Hakim, head of Pangkal Babu Coastal Youth (Pemuda Pesisir Pangkal Babu), expressed hope that such initiatives would continue, involving more parties to ensure sustainable coastal protection.

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