PetroChina Jabung Secures Green PROPER for Gas Operation, Blue for Oil

PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. secured the Green PROPER for the gas operation in the Betara Area and the Blue PROPER for the oil operation in Geragai in an awarding event held in Jakarta on Wednesday (20/12/23). PetroChina’s Vice President of Technical and Business Development Yu Jinbao received the Green PROPER award from Deputy Minister of Environment and Forestry, Alue Dohong.

The PROPER Ranking is a company performance appraisal program in environmental management organized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. PROPER is a public disclosure program for environmental management and compliance. The Gold PROPER is the highest ranking for companies which has implemented beyond-compliance environmental management and has an extraordinary community empowerment program. Green PROPER is awarded to companies with beyond compliance status, while the Blue award is dedicated to companies that meet the requirements of environmental management programs.

PetroChina has carried out a beyond-compliance level in environmental management, one of which is by implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) values ​​in environmental management programs, especially in the aspects of energy efficiency, emission reduction, water conservation, solid and hazardous waste management, as well as in the community empowerment aspect. Apart from that, PetroChina also contributes to striving for world agreement on climate change, namely the Paris Agreement, as well as the national targets or Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon reduction.

PetroChina will always improve environmental management performance and implement sustainable environmental management as its core values, and PROPER is a tool that is very relevant to fulfilling Environmental Social Governance (ESG) which has become a global and national concern in the sustainability era.

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