PetroChina Jabung Continues Its 2024 Programs

PetroChina International Jabung Ltd. (PCJL) is set to continue its exploration and development programs throughout 2024 in order to boost production.

In the “Media Gathering with Jakarta Journalists” event on Monday (18/3), PCJL explained several programs that had been ongoing since the start of the year including spud-ins of Gemah-74 and Gemah-77 development wells, as well as the rig-up process to begin the exploration program at NEB Base-3 well.

 “Let us pray for the best result to boost oil and gas reserve in Jabung,” Exploration Manager Hendra Niko Saputra said in his remarks.

“3D & 2D Seismic Surveys are going smoothly. The program began in December last year and will go on for around 10 months,” Hendra continued. The 3D survey will be carried out on a 121-square-kilometer area in Ketemu Prospect and a 71-square-kilometer area in Rukam Prospect. Meanwhile, the 2D survey will be carried out in several areas along a 250-kilometer line in the eastern part of Jabung Working Area.

PCJL’s drilling program in 2024 includes nine development wells and one exploration well. Other programs include 23 well workovers, 194 well services, establishing additional production facilities in the Panen field and carrying out the routine repair of compressors in several production facilities.

The first development well drilling of 2024 namely at Gemah-74 has yielded hydrocarbons comprising 1,323 BOPD of oil, 2.4 MMSCFD of gas, 0 BWPD, WHP 1138 psig at 32/64″ Choke size from L3 layer, Lower Lumut zone, Talang Akar Formation. Currently, second drilling is underway at Gemah-77 with target of 200 BOPD.

PCJL is also completing four workover programs and 14 well service activities as part of this year’s program in line with the 2024 Work Program & Budget.

This year, PCJL has set production target of 54,674 barrel of oil equivalent per day (BOEPD), comprising 15,100 BOEPD of oil and condensates and 165.71 MMSCFD of gas including LPG.

“Jabung Working Area is an aging block that requires us to implement new technologies to maintain production. Such technologies include electrical and chemical stimulation, micro-LNG, WH compressor and multiphase pump. Currently, we are conducting Pre-Feasibility Study of EOR CO2 Injection and Chemical Injection as part of our Firm Commitment in Jabung Working Area Contract Extension as well as part of PetroChina’s support for 2030 production target and achieving Net Zero Emmission in 2060,” Reservoir Engineering Manager Wicaksono said.

Between the start of Jabung’s operation in 1993 and December 31, 2023, Jabung Working Area has booked cumulative production of 423 million BOE, including 97.06 million BOE of oil, 61.25 million BOE of condensates, 112.37 million BOE of LPG, and 152.48 million BOE of gas sales. Total government revenue in this period was US$13.94 billion.

Apart from focusing on finding new oil and gas reserves and maintaining production in Jabung, PCJL also strives to improve health and safety culture among its workers and carry out social programs for local communities.

As operator of Jabung Working Area, PCJL is committed to carrying out oil and gas operation that is safe, environmentally friendly, and supportive of local communities in line with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

Meanwhile, SKK Migas Program and Communication Division Head Hudi D Suryodipuro appreciated PetroChina for hosting media gathering during the month of Ramadan. He said that he hoped the event would boost positive communication between PetroChina and the media so that the number of positive news on PetroChina activities would increase.

Hudi also appreciated PetroChina exploration and development programs, which increased from last year in line with SKK Migas’ 2024 target for improving exploration and development program.

Furthermore, PetroChina always prioritizes health, safety and environment (HSE) aspects in its operational activities. “We hope this can be maintained consistently to ensure zero accident. Hopefully, new reserves will be discovered in PetroChina so that production can go up, in order to support the government’s target of producing 1 million BPD of oil and 12 BSCFD of gas,” Hudi said.

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