Petrobras receives the sustainability leadership award during CERAWeek

On Wednesday (3/20), Petrobras received the Sustainability Impact Awards promoted by Schneider Electric. The company was named the winner among more than 400 companies in South America for its leadership in decarbonization.

The award was received by Petrobras’ president, Jean Paul Prates, and the director of Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Carlos Travassos, during a meeting with Schneider’s CEO, Peter Herweck, at CERAWeek in Houston, USA.

Prates praised Schneider’s initiative and thanked them for the award. “We are honored by this recognition. Decarbonization is a priority for Petrobras, and we want to make further progress in reducing our emissions and engaging our supply chain. We know that the goal of emissions neutrality depends on great cooperation between all sectors of society,” said Prates. Over the next five years, the company will invest US$ 11.5 billion in projects to decarbonize operations, biorefining, renewables, and new low-carbon businesses.

The award highlighted Petrobras’ initiatives in using digitalization to reduce its energy consumption, in electrifying its operations, and in its supply chain engagement programs to promote the decarbonization of suppliers. The company has been developing awareness-raising actions with companies that supply goods and services, such as events and training. It has joined the CDP Supply Chain program, encouraging suppliers to map their emissions and make their initiatives and practices related to the energy transition transparent.

Schneider Electric supplies Petrobras with electrical systems and equipment for platforms and refineries. The company promotes the Sustainability Impact Award to celebrate partners, customers, and suppliers who have been a reference in decarbonization throughout 2023.

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