Petrobras completes first exploratory well drilling in the Equatorial Margin

Petrobras informs that it has completed the drilling of the Pitu Oeste exploratory well, in the Potiguar Basin on the Equatorial Margin. The company informed the ANP that it had identified the presence of hydrocarbons, but the economic viability was still inconclusive. The well is part of the BM-POT-17 concession and is located in deep waters 52 km off the coast of Rio Grande do Norte.

Petrobras will continue exploratory research in the region and plans for February the second drilling in the Potiguar Basin, in the Anhangá well, in the POT-M-762 concession, 79km off the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte and close to the Pitu Oeste well.

Based on complementary studies, the company intends to obtain more geological information about the area to evaluate the potential of the reservoirs and direct the next exploratory activities in the area.

The drilling of the exploratory well in Pitu Oeste was completed safely, within the most rigorous operating protocols in deep waters, which reaffirms that Petrobras is prepared to carry out activities in the Equatorial Margin with full responsibility.

The company reinforces its values ​​of respect for life, people and the environment and will continue to carry out all operations strictly following operational safety standards and good social relations practices, always seeking to commit to acting safely and with total respect and care with the environment and the region’s population.

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