Nicola Sturgeon, high minister of Scotland, told Ignacio Galán”Iberdrola sets an illustration for green hydrogen product and the decarbonisation of the country”

Nicola Sturgeon, high minister of Scotland, told Ignacio Galán”Iberdrola sets an illustration for green hydrogen product and the decarbonisation of the country”
Iberdrola Chairman, Ignacio Galán, underscored his commitment to the country, after submitting an operation to make a green hydrogen factory that will house the UK’s largest electrolyser alongside the Whitelee wind ranch.

“Iberdrola sets an illustration for green hydrogen product and the decarbonisation of the country”. That was the communication entered by Ignacio Galán, the president of Iberdrola, from Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, at a meeting held this morning as part of the COP26 Climate Summit, which will continue until 12 November.

Several months agone, the company led by Ignacio Galán submitted an operation to make a green hydrogen factory alongside its Whitelee wind ranch, a installation that will house the UK’s largest electrolyser, with 20 MW.

Regarding the Spanish businessman, the high minister said”we first met further than 15 times agone and he has always kept his word and supported Scotland and the people of Scotland. We’re pleased to have you then and with your commitment to the Scottish people”.

The installation, which will be developed by Iberdrola attachment ScottishPower, will include a mongrel solar energy system that will power the electrolyser, and a battery storehouse system with a maximum capacity of 50 MW. The installation will be suitable to produce up to eight tonnes of green hydrogen every day, the original to the diurnal energy demanded by 550 motorcars to make round passages between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The design is the first green hydrogen factory to be erected by”Green Hydrogen for Scotland”, an alliance between Iberdrola attachment ScottishPower Renewables, BOC, and ITM Power, with the end of creating a green hydrogen product network and immolation turnkey request results to reduce emigrations in delicate-to-decarbonise sectors of the frugality similar as, for illustration, heavy transport, civic transport ( motorcars) and waste collection vehicles.

The first design will help to help emigrations from heavy public transport and ameliorate air quality in the Glasgow metropolitan area and aspires to transfigure it into the UK’s first zero- emigrations megacity in 2030, creating, among other enterprise, a zero- emigrations line of vehicles, using solely electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

As part of its commitment to forefront the energy transition, Iberdrola is leading the development of green hydrogen with further than 60 systems in eight countries (Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, among others), satisfying the need for the electrification and decarbonisation of sectors
similar as assiduity and heavy transport. The company has created a new green hydrogen business unit with which it has set out to position itself as a global leader in this technology. The group is at the commanding edge of the new technological challenge of producing and supplying green hydrogen from clean energy sources, using 100 renewable electricity in the electrolysis process.
Green hydrogen is a major vector of growth within Iberdrola’s 150-billion-euro investment plan to 2030. Iberdrola is formerly developing several systems that will enable the decarbonisation of assiduity and heavy transport in Spain and the UK as well as developing its value chain.

The group formerly has a green hydrogen portfolio that will bear investments of further than three billion euros to 2030 to produce tonnes per time. The company has also presented 54 systems to the Next Generation EU programme, which will mobilise investments of2.5 billion euros to achieve an periodic product of tonnes of green hydrogen per time.
In addition, in recent weeks, the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition has strengthened its commanding part with the appointment of the Iberdrola Group president and CEO, Ignacio Galán, to the position of chairman of the alliance, with the author and CEO of Sunfire, Nils Aldag acting asvice-president for the coming 18 months, in order to shape the necessary nonsupervisory frame in the European Union. Galán and Aldag will contribute their experience in renewables and electrolysers to coordinate the coalition’s sweats to insure that, grounded on suitable programs, renewable hydrogen will come a competitive volition to conventional hydrogen during this decade.