New York Gov. Hochul joins NextEra Energy Transmission to celebrate the commission of Empire State Transmission Line

Gov. Kathy Hochul joined state and original leaders and directors from NextEra Energy Transmission, LLC( NEET) to celebrate the commissioning of the Empire State Transmission Line.

” The fight against climate change demands bold action and New York is leading the nation with innovative green energy enterprise,” said. Kathy Hochul.” In cooperation with companies like NextEra Energy Transmission, we’re making major progress in our climate pretensions, reducing our dependence on fossil energies and steering in a cleaner, greener New York for all.”
An attachment of NEET, NextEra Energy Transmission New York developed, erected, and is operating the new 20- afar, 345- kilovolt line that connects the new Dysinger switchyard in Royalton, New York, with the new East Stolle switchyard in Elma, New York. In addition to furnishing access to renewable coffers, the new transmission line advances New York’s clean energy pretensions by supporting the integration of unborn renewable coffers from western New York.

” Amping the Empire State Line connects New Yorkers to renewable energy,” said Matt Valle, chairman of NextEra Energy Transmission.” As NextEra Energy Transmission’s first functional transmission asset in New York State, the Empire State Line supports the state’s nation-leading pretensions to decarbonize the grid and provides New Yorkers with bettered access to clean energy.”
Rich Dewey, chairman, and CEO of the New York Independent System Operator( NYISO) said,” Through collaboration among NextEra Energy Transmission New York, the New York ISO, and the State, the Empire Line will ameliorate system trustability and deliver fresh clean coffers to consumers. This design brings us that much near to realizing a dependable grid of the future while furnishing cost savings and reaching the state’s emigrations pretensions. We are proud to have played a part.”

The Empire State Line is a major step toward New York’s thing to achieve 70 renewable energy consumption by 2030 and a net zero-emigration grid by 2040. The new design will enable the transmission of fresh,700 megawatts of renewable energy throughout the state. elevation of New York’s transmission system with systems like the Empire State Line not only connects New Yorkers to renewable coffers, but also provides better environmental issues through emigrations reduction, and bettered grid trustability.
Linked to a new 345kV substation at East Stolle by the Empire State Line, the Designer Switchyard features a phase angle controller( PAR), serving as a connection to seven 345kV lines, creating a new transmission mecca in western New York that enables the inflow of renewable energy. The PAR is an innovative transmission result developed by NEETNY to manage power inflow, furnishing grid drivers with lesser functional inflexibility to move renewable energy around the state of New York.

The Empire State Line was named by the NYISO through a competitive supplication process. Since the design’s selection, NEETNY worked nearly with the NYISO and the New York State Public Service Commission( PSC) to meet all legal and nonsupervisory conditions for the development, permitting, and construction of the Empire State Line. Both the NYISO and the PSC were necessary for furnishing clear prospects and meeting schedule mileposts for the collaboration and planning needed for this design.
” NextEra Energy Transmission is veritably well deposited to support the development, construction, and operation of large transmission systems in New York State. NextEra Energy companies give a unique combination of specialized, fiscal, and functional capabilities that are unmatched in the assiduity. NextEra Energy Transmission has been awarded and is developing further competitive transmission systems in North America than any other company. In addition, the company has precious experience operating subsea transmission lines through its Trans Bay Cable attachment,” Valle added.

NextEra Energy Transmission
NextEra Energy Transmission owns, develops, finances, constructs, and maintains transmission assets across the continent. NextEra Energy Transmission operates through its regional subsidiaries to integrate renewable energy and strengthen the electric grid. The company’s subsidiaries were among the first non-incumbents to be awarded projects by system operators and utility commissions in California, New York, Texas, and Ontario. NextEra Energy Transmission’s portfolio includes operating assets in 10 states and six regional transmission organizations and one Canadian province, with numerous projects under development and construction in the United States. To learn more, visit

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