Neoenergia wins Transparency 2023 Trophy for the third consecutive year

  • Focusing on good governance practices, award awarded by Anefac reinforces the company’s commitment to ethics and financial transparency.

Neoenergia has just won the Transparency 2023 Trophy, awarded by the National Association of Finance, Management and Accounting Executives (Anefac). This is the third consecutive year in which the company has received the award. The recognition places Neoenergia among the ten companies with net revenues above R$ 20 billion that have a high quality and transparency of the financial information provided to the market, as well as the consistency of the management report and adherence to accounting principles.

“Transparency is at the heart of our strategy to consolidate the company as the largest and most profitable integrated energy company in Brazil. We are very proud of the award, which reinforces our commitment to ethical and transparent principles of governance. We will continue working to guarantee society the values of our management policies, which include, among many aspects, clarity in our financial statements,” says Eduardo Capelastegui, CEO of Neoenergia.

The award is a reference for the market and for many companies, it is the pinnacle of their accounting excellence. These are companies that are concerned with accountability to society and understand that participating and winning the Prize is a recognition of the efforts made to achieve this goal.

Among the main points evaluated in the financial statements are the consistency of the Management Report with all other information; clarity and inclusion of additional information; integration actions with the community; concern for the environment and sustainability actions; relationship with its stakeholders; management of its corporate governance, policies and committees; among others.

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