More than 70,000 installations already enjoy self-consumption thanks to Iberdrola’s network

More than 70,000 installations already enjoy self-consumption thanks to Iberdrola’s network

The installations connected to the grid of i- DE, Iberdrola’s distribution company in Spain, have a combined capacity of further than 900 MW, the fellow of two large combined cycle shops.
98 of tone- consumers feed energy into the grid during the day and recover it when they need it.
Iberdrola has now exceeded,70,000 tone- consumption installations connected to its grid after beating its record number of additions in a single month in August, with further than,100 new tone- consumers contributing a aggregate of 63 new MW of green generation completely integrated into the low and medium voltagegrids.Altogether, the tone- consumption installations connected to the grid of i- DE, Iberdrola’s distribution company in Spain, have a capacity of further than 900 MW, the fellow of the capacity of two large combined cycle generation shops which, thanks to tone- consumption, can be replaced by sustainable and indigenoussources.The company facilitates access to tone- consumption throughout Spain. By number of connections, the Valencian Community stands out with further than,000 installations on the grid. It’s followed by Madrid and the Region of Murcia, with further than,20,000 and nearly,9,000 connected installations,respectively.i- DE has reused the operations for tone- consumption connection in record time, indeed perfecting on the demanding deadlines established by current legislation, which is a sign of the company’s firm commitment to the energy transition towards further sustainable generationsources.To grease the processing of accesses, the company has developed an interactive geographical capacity chart, available to any stoner through the i- DE website( This chart makes it possible to consult the capacity of the network operated by the company and to identify the position of the connection points. A NEW FORM OF STORAGE98 of Iberdrola’s tone- consumers choose to return the fat to the grid during the day once their energy demands have been met through the different discharge styles( individual or collaborative), which allows them to get the most out of their investment. In this way, i- DE’s grids act as a large energy storehouse battery for its guests as they can pierce the fat generated when they need it, at no freshcost.The grids managed by Iberdrola have been suitable to respond to the strong rate of increase in tone- consumption without achromatism or overloads and maintaining high situations of force quality thanks to the heavy investments made in recent times. The company plans to allocate€2.6 billion until 2024 to the digitalisation and invention of its grids in Spain. This trouble has allowed i- DE to carry out new developments in order to measure in real time both the consumption and the cargo position of all its installations. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, the company is suitable to reuse this information to anticipate the grids that will need mounts in the event of advanced cargo situations due to the perpetration of new tone- consumption installations. Thanks to this planning, i- De can guarantee the conservation of the electricity force without differences to all homes andindustries.i- DE manages and maintains,000 kilometres of electric power distribution lines that extend across ten independent communities and 25 businesses, covering an area of,340 square kilometres. It also has further than,000 metamorphosis centres and further than,100 substations to serve its further than eleven millioncustomers.LEADER IN tone- CONSUMPTION MARKETINGAs part of its commitment to accelerating the energy transition, Iberdrola not only promotes tone- consumption by encouraging its objectification into the energy system through its grids, but also leads the request, managing 40 of the country’s tone- consumption guests. So far this time, the company has increased its portfolio of tone- consumption guests by 150. Iberdrola, a colonist in immolation tone- consumption for guests with single- family homes, has acclimated to different requirements to make solar tone- consumption available to all its guests through its new Smart Solar results. presently, further than two- thirds of the population in Spain lives in high- rise structures. For this member, the energy company offers collaborative tone- consumption druthers
that include the possibility of ceding the roof space to Iberdrola so that it can take on the installation of the photovoltaic system, easing access to the green energy generated for people living hard. As for the possibility of compensating the energy ditched into the grid, Iberdrola’s guests don’t have any type of bottom for its valuation, so that their bill can be as low as zero euros. In addition, it has just launched the Solar pall service, which, in the event that there are still overpluses, allows them to be diverted for consumption in another hearthstone.

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