Missouri American Water Requests Rate Increase After $1.5B System Investments

Missouri American Water has filed a request with the Missouri Public Service Commission (MoPSC) today, highlighting $1.5 billion in water and wastewater system investments planned and completed from January 2023 to May 2026. This filing underscores the company’s commitment to replacing aging infrastructure, ensuring reliable service, improving water quality, and meeting environmental standards.

“We strategically invest in our water and wastewater systems to deliver safe, clean, and dependable service to nearly 1.6 million Missourians across more than 90 counties,” stated Rich Svindland, president of Missouri American Water. “These ongoing investments demonstrate our dedication to safeguarding public health and safety in the communities we serve.”

Key projects include replacing over 250 miles of aging water and wastewater pipes to minimize breaks and overflows, as well as upgrading treatment plants. Noteworthy initiatives encompass:

  • St. Louis County: Upgrading the intake pump station at the South Water Treatment Plant
  • St. Charles County: Constructing a new transmission main to enhance water supply reliability
  • Jefferson City: Building a new filter facility at the water treatment plant
  • St. Joseph: Enhancing the water treatment plant and Randolph booster stations
  • Joplin: Installing a new carbon feed system at the treatment plant and upgrading well sites
  • Eureka, Smithton: Upgrading wastewater treatment plants, including new lift stations and UV disinfection systems

Missouri American Water’s last general rate case was filed in July 2022 and approved in May 2023, resulting in new rates effective from May 28, 2023. If the current rate proposal is approved, the average residential customer using 5,475 gallons monthly could see an increase of approximately $18.00 in their water bill. Wastewater customers may experience varying changes depending on their service area.

Today’s filing also includes a proposed income-based rate for customers experiencing financial hardship, pending MoPSC approval. Eligible residential customers below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level would qualify for discounted rates. Additionally, Missouri American Water offers assistance through its H2O Help to Others program, payment plans, and budget billing.

The rate request will undergo rigorous scrutiny by the MoPSC, involving interrogatories, public hearings, and evidentiary hearings, potentially lasting up to 11 months. To enhance transparency, the company has made its proposed tariffs and filing details accessible on its website, missouriamwater.com.

Pending MoPSC approval, any rate adjustments resulting from this filing are expected to take effect in mid-2025, following issuance of a final rate Order by the commission.

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